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 (no͝or′ŏn′, nyo͝or′-)
1. Any of the impulse-conducting cells that constitute the brain, spinal column, and nerves in vertebrates, consisting of a nucleated cell body with one or more dendrites and a single axon.
2. A similar impulse-conducting cell in invertebrates. In both senses also called nerve cell.

[Greek, sinew, string, nerve; see (s)neəu- in Indo-European roots.]

neu′ro·nal (no͝or′ə-nəl, nyo͝or′-, no͝o-rōn′l, nyo͝o-), neu·ron′ic adj.
neu′ro·nal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.neuronal - of or relating to neurons; "neural network"
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Expression of Neural Markers during Neuronal Differentiation after Sphere Formation.
Although the mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of AD are not clearly elucidated, recent studies suggested that soluble [beta]-amyloid (A[beta]) oligomers are the main neurotoxic species that induce neuronal death and oxidative stress at the early stage of this disease [2,3].
Biopharmaceutical company Catalyst Biosciences (NasdaqCM:CBIO) disclosed on Tuesday the launch of a definitive agreement to sell one of its neuronal nicotinic receptor (NNR) assets for an upfront payment of USD750,000.
Accelerated neuronal cell apoptosis is an important manifestation of cerebral infarction [5,6], which is supposed to be induced by the modulation of apoptosis-related factors, such as the Caspase family and the B-cell lymphoma 2 (Bcl-2) family.
Further experiments in wild-type mice showed that experimental lowering of BRCA1 levels in the dentate gyrus caused neuronal dysfunction and shrinkage, as well as impairments in synaptic plasticity, excessive neuronal excitability, spatial learning and memory deficits, and increased DNA damage.
The Functions, Disease-Related Dysfunctions, and Therapeutic Targeting of Neuronal Mitochondria
Background: Abnormal neuronal differentiation plays an important role in central nervous system (CNS) development abnormalities such as Down syndrome (DS), a disorder that results directly from overexpression of genes in trisomic cells.
"We show that wiring a neuronal circuit is much more complex than previously thought," says Ghosh.
The neuronal outline with its nucleus in both tracings and nucleus in one and cytoplasmic cap in the other was crossed out.
8,716,017 entitled “Technologies, Methods, and Products of Small Molecule-Directed Tissue and Organ Regeneration from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells.” This newly-issued patent is the first among a portfolio of intellectual property of Xcelthera Inc covering PluriXcel human stem cell technology platform for large-scale production of high quality clinical-grade pluripotent human ES cell lines and their functional human neuronal and heart muscle cell therapy products.

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