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 (no͝or′ŏn′, nyo͝or′-)
1. Any of the impulse-conducting cells that constitute the brain, spinal column, and nerves in vertebrates, consisting of a nucleated cell body with one or more dendrites and a single axon.
2. A similar impulse-conducting cell in invertebrates. In both senses also called nerve cell.

[Greek, sinew, string, nerve; see (s)neəu- in Indo-European roots.]

neu′ro·nal (no͝or′ə-nəl, nyo͝or′-, no͝o-rōn′l, nyo͝o-), neu·ron′ic adj.
neu′ro·nal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.neuronic - of or relating to neurons; "neural network"
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Calzadilla described as an example that, in the context of the Fair, NEURONIC S.
Furthermore, bis(peroxido)vanadium is able to prevent neuronic inflammation on cerebral ischemia.
The scheduling of the task was carried out using the computer application Neuronic v Cognitive Stimulation 2.