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Noun1.neurogenic bladder - a urinary bladder disorder caused by a lesion in the nervous system
bladder disorder - a disorder of the urinary bladder
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A diverticulum located superolateral to the ureteral orifice without involving the trigone is referred to as "Hutch diverticulum" and it usually occurs in the setting of a neuropathic bladder and vesicoureteral reflux [5].
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The inspirational youngster also has scoliosis, an abnormal twisting of the spine, as well as a neuropathic bladder meaning the nerves that control her bladder are damaged.
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or non-urological conditions like idiopathic detrusor over activity, neuropathic bladder as a result of diabetes, strokes, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinsonism or degeneration of bladder smooth muscle giving rise to impaired voiding and detrusor instability.
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The development of modern neurosurgery (closure of the lesion and treatment of hydrocephalus) and the advent of treatment for the neuropathic bladder addressed the major causes of mortality.