neutron flux

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Noun1.neutron flux - the rate of flow of neutrons; the number of neutrons passing through a unit area in unit time
flux - the rate of flow of energy or particles across a given surface
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Each of the two reactors needs a separate automated neutron flux control system because they work independently.
The Mercury platform is uniquely suited for real-time measurement of the solar neutron flux background at the International Space Station because of its ease-of-use, reliability and accuracy," said Prof.
i] is the neutron flux distribution, which is defined as the product of the neutron density and the velocity.
Such guides minimize the loss of neutron flux, through the phenomenon of total external reflection, analogous to the way light is transported with minimal loss through fibre optics via total internal reflection.
The scattered neutron flux is measured as a function of the so-called "momentum transfer vector," Q, which is defined by the equation
The DAK 250 digital start-up channel is designed for neutron flux monitoring in the pulse and intermediate range while the DGK 250 digital power range channel is designed for monitoring in the power range.
We could, given an incident neutron flux and cross section, use the model to estimate the count rate of photons entering the window of the photon detector.
The dielectric system is smaller and has lower neutron flux on the upstream optics.
Sensing Systems: Electrical Penetrations, and Neutron Flux Detectors.
Hollow spheres - "Christmas tree" ornaments of lithium or flibe surrounding the lines - would serve as the heat exchange media and moderators of neutron flux.
Research is in progress to determine how and if reactor walls can be designed to last long enough to make a commercial power plant economically viable in the presence of the intense neutron flux.