neutron radiation

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Noun1.neutron radiation - radiation of neutrons (as by a neutron bomb)
ionizing radiation - high-energy radiation capable of producing ionization in substances through which it passes
corpuscular radiation, particulate radiation - a stream of atomic or subatomic particles that may be charged positively (e.g. alpha particles) or negatively (e.g. beta particles) or not at all (e.g. neutrons)
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It covers various types of radiation, how it is generated, how it interacts with matter, and how healthy tissue can be protected against unsafe radiation levels; the main imaging modalities using ionizing radiation (x-ray radiography, scintigraphy, and PET (positron emission tomography)); the life cycle of cells, cancer development, and the main concepts and methods for radiation treatment, namely x-ray radiotherapy, proton and neutron radiation therapy, and brachytherapy; and laser treatment applications, the application of multifunctional nanoparticles, and prosthetics for limbs, stenosis, and the visual and auditory senses.
Performance of the contract includes the supply of necessary equipment (Part I & C) monitor for neutron radiation - 4 pcs .
Kromek will develop an advanced personal detection system for gamma and neutron radiation, kit that can be combined with other such systems to form large networks, providing information on radiation signatures over an extended area - thereby picking up on anomalies in cities that could indicate an act of terrorism, such as a 'dirty bomb'.
A new class of neutron detection instrumentation that offers capabilities not accessible by traditional 3He gas-filled (or other similar legacy technology) neutron systems, the Antero and Shavano Neutron Spectrometer products feature capabilities such as location and identification of neutron radiation sources.
Working with the ISIS pulsed neutron and muon source, ChipIR is designed to look at how silicon microchips respond to cosmic neutron radiation, with consequent benefits for the electronics industry.
They believe that neutron radiation caused by an earthquake could have induced the image of a crucified man -- which many people believe to be that of Jesus -- onto the length of linen cloth, and caused carbon-14 dating done on it in 1988 to be wrong.
Not only can CLYC be used to identify gamma and neutron radiation, "we actually doubled the detection efficiency for neutrons for the same volume of Helium 3," said Jim Monde, the company's director of homeland security and defense.
This meets the basic needs to change the low cost topaz to valuable blue topaz by neutron radiation.
These contracts will support Dynasil's continued research and development of gamma and neutron radiation detectors capable of identifying illicit nuclear materials, Dynasil reported.
An atomic bomb is designed to enable mass-killing and mass-destruction by causing blast waves and heat rays and releasing neutron radiation.
Gamma radiation is similarly caused when uranium undergoes nuclear fission, which also produces neutron radiation, capable of deep penetration of the body.
Criticality continued for about 20 hours, emitting intense amounts of gamma and neutron radiation.