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n. neutrofilia, aumento de neutrófilos en la sangre.
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Laboratory examination revealed neutrophilic leukocytosis with band cells > 25%.
The complete blood count (CBC) revealed slight anemia (hemoglobin 10 g/dL), with neutrophilic leukocytosis (19,000/cmm).
In severe cases, thoracic radiographs may show lung patterns typical of bacterial or viral pneumonia; a complete blood panel may indicate early mild leukopenia (5,000-6,000 cells d/L) suggesting a viral cause, and neutrophilic leukocytosis (a high number of immature white blood cells, indicating an infection or inflammation) is frequently found in cases of severe pneumonia.
Laboratory results revealed neutrophilic leukocytosis and increased inflammatory markers.
Laboratory investigations revealed neutrophilic leukocytosis (white cell count of 14,800/cc with 66% neutrophils), elevated ESR of 32mm/hour, and a low haemoglobin 10.