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1. The upper part of a glacier where the snow turns into ice.
a. A snow field at the head of a glacier.
b. The granular snow typically found in such a field.

[French, from French dialectal névi, from Vulgar Latin *nivātum, from neuter of Latin nivātus, cooled by snow, from nix, niv-, snow; see sneigwh- in Indo-European roots.]


a nephew or grandsona spendthrift


1. (Geological Science) Also called: firn a mass of porous ice, formed from snow, that has not yet become frozen into glacier ice
2. (Geological Science) a snowfield at the head of a glacier that becomes transformed into ice
[C19: from Swiss French névé glacier, from Late Latin nivātus snow-cooled, from nix snow]



n., pl. -vés.
1. granular snow accumulated on high mountains and subsequently compacted into glacial ice.
2. a field of such snow. Also called firn.
[1850–55; < Franco-Provençal]
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Noun1.neve - the upper part of a glacier (beyond the limit of perpetual snow) where the snow turns to ice
glacier - a slowly moving mass of ice
ice - the frozen part of a body of water
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It is a curious fact, that the horses have neve left the eastern end of the island, although there is no natural boundary to prevent them from roaming, and that par of the island is not more tempting than the rest.
Their movements varied according to the species; but in some I neve saw the least motion; while others, with the lower mandibl generally wide open, oscillated backwards and forwards a the rate of about five seconds each turn, others moved rapidly and by starts.
It seems now pretty well established tha plants propagated by buds all partake of a common duratio of life; and it is familiar to every one, what singular an numerous peculiarities are transmitted with certainty, b buds, layers, and grafts, which by seminal propagation neve or only casually reappear
onde nao ha neve ao lado norte do bico mais ao sul das duas
I love that it is a woman who is playing the Doctor, now," says Scots-born Neve, 45.
Judge Aloise didn't agree with the jury's decision and accused the prosecuting team of "cherry picking" evidence agains Neve.
faded left "But now things are looking up and winning gold was the cherry on Neve top.
Neve Ltd Will Renew Rovaniemi Suosiola Based Power Plant Of 27 Mw Fluidised Bed Technology Np1-Water Boiler With A New 40 Mw Fluidized Bed Boiler.
Northumbria trio Stancer, Neve and Jonathan Gray made the trip to Little Aston Golf Club in search of more points at the Midlands Order of Merit event.
Sergeant Neve and her canine partner Bruce had responded to a car crash and arrested a man for aggravated vehicle taking when they were driving back to a police station.
She wrote: "My name is Neve and my dad works in the steelworks and if you don't save the steel, I will be very very, very sad and my family will be upset too.