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Should there be another extension, we will be leaving the EU on the never-never, which is just the way a lot of politicians would like it, with the emphasis on never.
He offered nothing by way of policy insights or adjustments, the corrective measures parliament was hoping for, but instead retreated to the Never-Never Land that is 'the people's view' and the negativity being expressed as being at the root of all ills rather than any American machinations.
If I was looking at the accounts of Crystal Palace, West Brom, Aston Villa, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, whoever, and they had a PS500million surplus in the bank I'd say, 'Happy days, our great clubs, even if the bubble bursts tomorrow, they have saved for a rainy day, they've planned ahead, and how cool is that?' But instead they're all doing it on the never-never.
These "never-never payments" would include Coutinho winning multiple trophies in the same season, winning several Champions League titles and lifting the Ballon d'Or as the world's best player.
The Lulu Show: Life on the Never-Never Performed by Hilde Louise Asbjornsen and her jazz trio from Norway at Rose Theatre.
What has gone wrong since the heyday of hire purchase (the Never-Never was an apt nickname) is that there is no immorality attached to spending which has little hope of being repaid.
In Neeman's memoir, the housewhich feels like a cross between an orphanage and Never-Never Landstands out as its own character.
The Last Tycoon is a final, poignant farewell to the Great American Dream - a bittersweet love affair set in a never-never land: 1930s - The Golden Age of Hollywood.
Now, instead of taxation, our politicians ask the city to organise loans, living off the never-never. Many city slickers are billionaires with equivalent politicians millionaires (Blair claims to have only 10 so far).
Peter takes the trio far above the clouded night sky (with stunning animated visual effects used to augment Gilbert Players' already impressive use of a fly system to suspend the actors above the stage), passing the "second star to the right, and straight on til' mornin' '' and journeying to Never-Never Land, a place full of pirates, natives, a ticking crocodile and "Lost Boys'' who never grow up.