never-never land

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nev·er-nev·er land

An imaginary and wonderful place; a fantasy land.

[After Never-Never Land, , fictional setting used in the play Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie.]
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nev′er-nev′er land`

an unreal, imaginary, or ideal state, condition, place, etc.
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Noun1.never-never land - a pleasing country existing only in dreams or imagination
fictitious place, imaginary place, mythical place - a place that exists only in imagination; a place said to exist in fictional or religious writings
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never-never land

nmondo dei sogni
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But Labour finance spokesman Iain Gray said the SNP were "living in never-never land with their misguided reliance" on basing the future on oil.
But Labour's finance spokesman Iain Gray said: "The SNP response reaffirms that they are living in never-never land with their misguided reliance on pinning Scotland's entire economic future on one commodity - oil - that is volatile in price and finite in existence."
The photograph appears in the book on page 77 and shows a receding vaguely theatrical landscape which turns an ordinary fireplace into a kind of evocative never-never land.
It would certainly have more impact than allowing Australia to play Never-Never Land in play-off matches for World Cup rounds that shouldn't exist.
A good few miles later - all done at around 17 to the gallon - convinced me I was in never-never land.
Archer is also responsible for the set design, a collection of simple boxes and swaths of material transformed into the various locations of Never-Never Land, including a lagoon, the Lost Boys' House Under the Ground and the pirate ship.
In the never-never land of rave, a void of psychedelic regression, no one wears clothes their own size, sartorially deferring adulthood.
Opposition parties have accused the SNP of blatant spin and living in never-never land.
Having spent a few days in London last week, I came away with the familiar feeling that central London is becoming more and more the artificial never-never land that grows up around any seat of power.
Apparently, the School of Flying Pigs in the University of Never-Never Land is also trying to break the link between jumping off a cliff and landing on the ground.
While the size of the filmgoing audience has remained flat and TV ratings have dwindled, there seems to be no lid on the number of new hotel rooms and casinos sprouting in the Nevada never-never land. Just last weekend, a mammoth hotel called New York, New York opened, its proprietors offering to simulate every Gotham experience down to post-midnight muggings.
By the way, I don't suppose there's a vacancy for a monarch in Never-Never Land by any chance?