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 (nə-vîr′ə-pēn′, -pĭn)
An antiviral drug, C15H14N4O, that is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor and is used in combination with other drugs for the treatment of HIV infection.

[ne- (probably shortening of non-nucleoside) + vir(us) + alteration of (diaz)epine.]
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Noun1.nevirapine - a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (trade name Viramune) used to treat AIDS and HIV
NNRTI, non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor - an antiviral drug used against HIV; binds directly to reverse transcriptase and prevents RNA conversion to DNA; often used in combination with other drugs
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n nevirapina
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You tell me, if you were in their shoes, what would you do." The drugs, Nevirapine and Zidovudine, have been missing in a number of public health facilities across the country, causing concern among health workers that infected mothers will not be able to prevent their children from getting the virus. Department of Health (@officialdohgov) January 11, 2019 The DOH provides free ARV, such as Nevirapine and Lamivudine/Tenofovir, to at least 32,224 persons living with HIV (PLHIV).
According to DOH, it has accommodated 32,224 persons with HIV for treatment with ARV drugs such as Nevirapine, Lamivudine/Tenofovir as of October 2018.
The researchers found that depression or suicidal ideation did not differ at baseline for patients ever exposed to efavirenz versus those never exposed to efavirenz and receiving nevirapine. On at least one follow-up visit, depression and suicidal ideation were reported in 20.0 and 6.2 percent, respectively, of the 305 participants ever-exposed to efavirenz, compared with 32.1 and 12.1 percent, respectively, of the 389 patients who received nevirapine.
The two most commonly used NNRTIs Nevirapine and Efavirenz are frequently used as part of the triple combination first-line ART regimen [5].
While in another report, nevirapine use was associated with a higher incidence of hepatotoxicity than efavirenz use [8].
Since April 2002, fixed dose combination pill with 3 antiretroviral agents - stavudine, lamivudine, and nevirapine has been used in developing countries.
have shown the involvement of all classes of ART regimen in the occurrence of maculopapular exanthema and bullous forms of drug eruptions, especially the nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs) such as Nevirapine [9].
In our hospital, during labour, HIV positive women received single dose nevirapine 200 mg from January 2010 to December 2013 and from January 2014 to December 2014, triple-drug ART regimen during antenatal period was continued.
M2 PHARMA-November 18, 2015-Mylan introduces Nevirapine Extended-release Tablets in US