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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: edition - a publication (such as a book) that has been modified or updated and offered again for sale
publication - a copy of a printed work offered for distribution
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Lowe's luxurious new edition by delightful woodcuts.
Over forty thousand copies have already been sold in the United States and Canada, and a new edition of twenty thousand is on the presses.
But his zeal did not grow cold; and only about five years before his death he took great pains in preparing a new edition of the Indian Bible.
new edition, 1759; by the translators of the Art of Thinking, 1686, 1816; by D.
If they ever do, perhaps there'll be a new edition.
Grusczinsky, beaming paternally whenever Annette entered the shop--which was often--announced two new editions in a week.
He immediately became the great man of the moment, and had just begun a new edition of the narrative, with a voice like a field preacher, when the mail stage drove into the village street.
They shall never fill a long-felt want (in the sacramental phrase that is applied to railways, tunnels, newspapers, and new editions of books).
Yet throughout the rest of his life Pope continued with keen delight to work the unsavory production over and to bring out new editions.
The new edition of the MOBIDOC scheme held under the sign of excellence is in line with the first edition launched in 2011 with European funding, Lamiri pointed out.
The new edition contains updated material and is a great resource to make math more exciting for kids.
The nuanced and sensual oriental-gourmand composition of the new edition begins with a juicy combination of mandarin, neroli oil and peach.

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