new media

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new media

(Communications & Information)
a. the internet and other postindustrial forms of telecommunication
b. (as modifier): the new-media industry.
Compare old media

new′ me′dia

developing usu. electronic forms of media regarded as being experimental.
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The administrative and operational support will be provided by a Media Unit under the Ministry that is Research Reference and Training Division which would be the New Media Wing.
New media has initiated the process of democratization of information and has empowered the audience to be producers and consumers of information at the same time.
eCornell and Cornell University on Tuesday announced the launch of a free online course focused on training hospitality professionals in the new media marketing skills needed for professional success, according to reports on
New media are ubiquitous, changing the landscape of intercultural communication (Shuter, 2011).
Aimed to weigh up connection between youths and media tools especially new media sources, this seminar received big gathering of participants.
Al Khobar-based Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) recently organised a seminar to evaluate the connection between youths and media tools, especially new media sources.
Written for students, this volume examines how new media interacts with social, economic, political, cultural, and psychological processes to change various areas of life.
Lievrouw, Alternative and Activist New Media, Cambridge, Polity Press, 2011, 294pp; 55 [pounds sterling] hardback, 14.99 [pounds sterling] paperback
22 -- Anim Graphix New Media has announced the launch of 3D EduMagic, the first of its kind integrated, interactive 3D Stereoscopic Edutainment product targeted for K-12 segment and Pre-Schools .
A primary cause of this alleged deficiency is failure to recognize that strategic communication through traditional media and through the new media are not the same thing.

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