new media

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new media

(Communications & Information)
a. the internet and other postindustrial forms of telecommunication
b. (as modifier): the new-media industry.
Compare old media

new′ me′dia

developing usu. electronic forms of media regarded as being experimental.
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First, he succinctly defines new new media within the context of new and old media.
Bloomington, MN), a provider of computer-based and e-learning instruction for kindergarten through adult learners, has acquired the assets of New Media Holdings Ltd.
Paralleling the activity of the stock market -- and thriving from it -- New Media has become one of New York's fastest growing industries.
So fierce is the Internet doctrine of untrammeled individualism that it translates into a general phobia about any government activities, and not just those directly affecting the new media.
Trying to control New Media and use them for what we now describe as "advertising," promotion" or "corporate communication" will be just as illusory as trying to control telephone conversations and use them for advertising.
He went on to found and head the agency's new media department until his abrupt departure last summer (he declined to discuss the circumstances).
com, the Hunter Realty Organization is now at the vanguard of a new wave of full-service real estate firms that have developed services specifically tailored to New Media.
A new survey of new media companies in New York's Silicon Alley shows the stresses that have begun to emerge in an industry torn between creative culture, corporate pressures and rapid growth.
Pataki has announced the results of the 1997 New York New Media Industry Survey, which found the $5.

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