(no͞o′făsh′ənd, nyo͞o′-)
1. Up-to-date; current.
2. Created in a new form or fashion.
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of or following a recent design, trend, etc
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1. lately come into fashion; made in a new style, fashion, etc.
2. up-to-date; modern.
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References in classic literature ?
Stepan Arkadyevitch, going down, carefully took the canvas cover off his varnished gun case with his own hands, and opening it, began to get ready his expensive new-fashioned gun.
"If we had one of those new-fashioned airships we could float away over the top of the forest, and look down and find just the places we want."
Why, Squire Doolittle, I’ve been at the whipping of two of them in one day—clean built, snug frigates with standing royals and them new-fashioned cannonades on their quarters— such as, if they had only Englishmen aboard of them, would have fout the devil.”
Arthur's was a much commoner British face, and the splendour of his new-fashioned clothes was more akin to the young farmer's taste in costume than Mr.
Glegg's day there was no incongruous new-fashioned smartness, no plate-glass in shop-windows, no fresh stucco-facing or other fallacious attempt to make fine old red St.
Shaw expected; for, as he listened, his eyebrows smoothed themselves out, and more than once his lips twitched as if he wanted to laugh, for after all, it was rather comical to see how the young people aped their elders, playing the new-fashioned game, quite unconscious of its real beauty, power, and sacredness.
Each of us to have one of those delightful new houses, with the new-fashioned basement stories; we would run in and out at all hours of the day, and it would be so convenient to lend and borrow each other's things.
I called it "old-fashioned" because there seems to be a "new-fashioned" kind of heroism.