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 (no͞o′lē, nyo͞o′-)
1. Not long ago; recently: newly baked bread.
2. Once more; anew: a newly painted room.
3. In a new or different way; freshly: an old idea newly phrased.


1. recently; lately or just: a newly built shelf.
2. again; afresh; anew: newly raised hopes.
3. in a new manner; differently: a newly arranged room.


(ˈnu li, ˈnyu-)

1. recently; lately.
2. anew or afresh.
3. in a new manner or form.
[before 900]



Recently and newly are both used to indicate that something happened only a short time ago. There is no difference in meaning, but newly can only be used with an '-ed' form, usually in front of a noun.

...the newly elected Government.
On the newly painted white wall was a photograph of the President.

Recently can be used in several positions in a sentence.

... his recently established Internet business.
Recently a performance of Macbeth was given there.
There was recently a formal inquiry.
I have recently re-read all his books.

You can use recently or lately to say that something started happening a short time ago and is continuing to happen. You cannot use newly with this meaning.

They have recently been taking German lessons.
Lately he's been going around with Miranda Watkins.
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Adv.1.newly - very recently; "they are newly married"; "newly raised objections"; "a newly arranged hairdo"; "grass new washed by the rain"; "a freshly cleaned floor"; "we are fresh out of tomatoes"


adverb recently, just, lately, freshly, anew, latterly She was young at the time, and newly married.


Only a moment ago:
حديثاً، مِن وقتٍ قَريب
nÿlega, nÿ-


[ˈnjuːlɪ] ADV (= recently) → recién
newly made/arrived/electedrecién hecho/llegado/elegido
the newly independent countries of Africalos países de África que acababan de conseguir la independencia


[ˈnjuːli] adv (= recently) [independant, acquired, elected, formed] → nouvellement
She was delighted with her newly acquired computer → Elle était ravie de son ordinateur nouvellement acquis.
the newly independent countries of Africa and Asia → les pays nouvellement indépendants d'Afrique et d'Asie
a newly elected Tory MP → un député tory nouvellement élu
a newly married man → un homme marié de fraîche datenewly-minted [ˌnjuːliˈmɪntɪd] adj [term] → nouvellement admis(e); [person] (to job, post)nouvellement promu(e)
Spain's Carlos Moya, the newly-minted world No. 1 → l'espagnol Carlos Moya, nouvellement promu numéro un mondialnewly-weds [ˈnjuːliwɛdz] npljeunes mariés mplNew Mexico nNouveau-Mexique mnew moon nnouvelle lune fnew-mown [ˌnjuːˈməʊn] adj [grass] → frais coupé(e); [hay] → frais fauché(e)


advfrisch; a newly dug trenchein frisch gezogener Graben; a newly dug graveein frisches Grab; newly madeganz neu; bread, cake etcfrisch gebacken; road, gardens etcneu angelegt; newly arrivedneu angekommen; newly awakenedneu erwacht; newly formed/foundneu geschaffen/gefunden; newly marriedfrisch vermählt; a newly industrialized or industrializing countryein industrielles Schwellenland


[ˈnjuːlɪ] adv (recently) → appena, da poco, di recente; (in a new way) → in modo nuovo
newly made → appena fatto/a


(njuː) adjective
1. having only just happened, been built, made, bought etc. She is wearing a new dress; We are building a new house.
2. only just discovered, experienced etc. Flying in an aeroplane was a new experience for her.
3. changed. He is a new man.
4. just arrived etc. The schoolchildren teased the new boy.
freshly. new-laid eggs.
ˈnewly adverb
only just; recently. She is newly married; Her hair is newly cut.
ˈnewcomer noun
a person who has just arrived. He is a newcomer to this district.
ˌnewˈfangled (-ˈfӕŋgld) adjective
(of things, ideas etc) too new to be considered reliable. newfangled machines.
new to
having no previous experience of. He's new to this kind of work.
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Fifty-two newly elected members of Senate will take oath.
Summary: According to the data compiled by the Association of Car Importers in Lebanon, the number of newly registered cars stood at 36,326 in 2016, down by 7.
ISLAMABAD -- The federal government has assured all sort of cooperation to the newly elected government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir to materialize its agenda of development.
The assurance was given by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar to the newly elected Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider in a telephonic conversation on Sunday.
That length of the M8/A8 Edinburgh - Greenock Trunk Road, being the newly constructed eastbound carriageway from a point directly under the centreline of the A725/A726 Shawhead - East Kilbride - Phillipshill Roundabout Trunk Road, generally eastwards to a point under the centreline of the Eurocentral Junction overbridge, a distance of 2.
It has a hall and a newly fitted cloakroom with toilet and wash basin.
Compared to the previous quarter, in the first quarter of 2013 the prices of newly built dwellings went up on average by 3.
Renovations to the building will include a redesigned and renovated building lobby; the installation of a new two-story storefront entrance; newly refurbished elevator cabs; new core bathrooms and new multi-tenant floor upgrades for newly signed leases; and the installation of state of the art security and fire/life safety systems.
The president and newly appointed chief executive officer of Symetra Financial Corp.
In its newly prominent location the vibrant cafe and the active residents dining in it are highly visible to prospective residents Proximity to the fitness center reinforces the community's vital, wellness-oriented image.
The concerns of newly arrived immigrant students include the need for English language acquisition, the lack of social support networks and of social acceptance, racial labeling and categorization, acquiring new learning styles, post-traumatic stress syndrome, different cultural scripts, and the typical development issues that all students face.