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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: photography - photography of newsworthy eventsnews photography - photography of newsworthy events  
photojournalism - journalism that presents a story primarily through the use of pictures
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Brian Wood, who started in news photography in 1965, joined the tributes to the man he fondly described as a 'good guy.'.
It was the London terrorist bombings of 2005, when witnesses provided much of the imagery and footage for daily newspapers, websites and TV broadcasts all over the world, that changed the nature of reportage-style and news photography. This attack on a hot day in July is now regarded as the date when photos and video shot by the public 'went mainstream' and content provided by these 'citizen journalists' was deemed acceptable to major media networks.
Earlier this year, it won a first-place award for 2018 General News Photography from the Illinois Press Association.
Leicadid not respond to several calls and emails from Reuters seeking comment on the video, which included other dramatisations about news photography.
He liked to talk, he liked to help, he liked to be around people." Behrakis' work was "classic news photography" and, unlike many others in the industry, not driven purely by ego, Elias said.
He was captured by GulfWeekly from a glossy magazine as he wanted to expand his knowledge into news photography. "To me, photography is simply an art of observation.
At the event Bernama's photographer Mohd Faizol Ab Aziz won second and third prizes under Best News Photography category, while part-time photographer Zulfaidi Muhammad won second prize in the Sports News Photography category.
THE ALL NEWS Photography runner-up Russell Pinches, aged 17, focused on our Sumatran tigress Daseep and 19-year-old Adrian Wrobel was named runner-up in the graphic design category for an informative poster about black and white ruffed lemurs.
The photograph 'Savior to Street Oldies' by Inquirer photographer Lyn Rillon bagged the gold medal in the best feature photography category, while Raffy Lerma's 'Lamentation' won the silver medal for best news photography.
She notes that photography is often treated as evidence or documentation (scientific photographs or news photography) but that "photographs are as much an interpretation of the world as paintings and drawings are." Angles and framing and context can imbue an image with a meaning it isn't meant to have.
The awards cover 17 categories, including Journalist of the Year, environment reporting, investigative reporting, reporting on women's issues, news photography, information graphics and editorial cartooning.