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(ˈnjuːzˌeɪdʒənt) or


a shopkeeper who sells newspapers, stationery, etc


(ˈnuzˌdi lər, ˈnyuz-)

a person who sells newspapers and periodicals.
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Noun1.newsagent - someone who sells newspapers
market keeper, shopkeeper, storekeeper, tradesman - a merchant who owns or manages a shop
دُكَانٌ َيبِيعُ الْصُحُفَوَكيل بَيْع الصُّحُف
majitel prodejny novintrafikant
sanoma- ja aikakauslehtiä myyvä kauppias
prodavač novina
신문 가게
predavač novín
prodajalec časopisov
gazete bayiigazete bayisi
người bán báo


[ˈnjuːzˌeɪdʒənt] N (Brit) → vendedor(a) m/f de periódicos
newsagent'stienda f or quiosco m de periódicos


[ˈnjuːzeɪdʒənt] n (British)
(= shop) → marchand m de journaux
(= person) → marchand(e) m/f de journauxnewsagent's [ˈnjuːzeɪdʒənts] n (British)marchand f de journauxnews broadcast nbulletin m d'informationsnews bulletin nbulletin m d'informations


[ˈnjuːzˌeɪdʒnt] n (Brit) → giornalaio/a


(njuːz) noun singular
a report of, or information about, recent events. You can hear the news on the radio at 9 o'clock; Is there any news about your friend?; (also adjective) a news broadcast.
ˈnewsy adjective
full of news. a newsy letter.
ˈnewsagent noun
(American news dealer) a person who has a shop selling newspapers (and usually other goods).
ˈnewscast noun
a broadcast of news in a radio or television programme.
ˈnewscaster noun
a person who presents a news broadcast.
ˈnewsletter noun
a sheet containing news issued to members of a group, organization etc.
ˈnewspaper noun
a paper, printed daily or weekly, containing news etc. a daily newspaper.

news is singular: No news is good news .


دُكَانٌ َيبِيعُ الْصُحُفَ trafikant nyhedsagent Zeitungshändler πράκτορας εφημερίδων quiosco de prensa, quiosquero sanoma- ja aikakauslehtiä myyvä kauppias marchand de journaux prodavač novina giornalaio 新聞販売店 신문 가게 kioskhouder nyhetsbyrå właściciel sklepu z czasopismami banca de jornal киоскер tidningskiosk ร้านขายหนังสือพิมพ์ gazete bayii người bán báo 报刊店
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From Medmenham to sweet Hambledon Lock the river is full of peaceful beauty, but, after it passes Greenlands, the rather uninteresting looking river residence of my newsagent - a quiet unassuming old gentleman, who may often be met with about these regions, during the summer months, sculling himself along in easy vigorous style, or chatting genially to some old lock-keeper, as he passes through - until well the other side of Henley, it is somewhat bare and dull.
Popular St Ninians newsagent Shakir Shakoor and his wife Ruby have picked up a Newsagent of the Month Award.
1825: William Henry Smith, English newsagent and bookseller, was born.
McColls Retail Group is a British convenience store and newsagent operator, trading under the trading names McColls (for convenience stores), Martins (newsagents and variety stores) and RS McColl for stores in Scotland.
A NEWSAGENT sold booze to children as young as 11, telling them to hide it under their coats to avoid CCTV.
POLICE have apologised after an officer visited a newsagent requesting details of customers who bought French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in the wake of the Paris massacre.
We buy Charlie: a queue for copies of the French magazine outside a newsagent in Berlin this week and, below, tributes to the victims in Paris
If a newsagent wishes to deal directly with a supplier they remain free to do so.
It had also raised concerns over the long-term future of the newsagent industry, with its financial report for the year to March 2012 revealing operating losses of PS188,903.
EXTRA patrols are in place after robbers struck at a newsagent in South Tyneside.
The double-sided posters will be handed out with copies of the paper while stocks last at Booker News, Mossley Hill; Frost Newsagents, Hunts Cross; Alan & Eileen''s News, Halewood; Ireland's News, Anfield; Baron's, Bootle; Country Park Convenience Store, West Derby; Bowring Park News, Childwall; Village News, Formby; Oxford Street News, Kensington; Prom News, Aigburth; Northfield Wines, Aintree; Grange Lane Stores, Belle Vale; Butterfield's, Anfield; Picton News, Wavertree; Nabiles Newsagent, Toxteth; Pitchforth News, Crosby; McNaughtons, Childwall; Robertson's, Bebington; Grange News, Birkenhead; Thorogoods, Bromborough and The Waverley, West Kirby.
James Allan's failed raid on Martin's newsagent in Northcourt Road, Abingdon took place ten days after the 29-year-old had tried to rob the very same shop.