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(Communications & Information) news reporting on a particular subject area e.g. computing newsbeat, senior newsbeat, international newsbeat



v. beat, beat•en beat, beat•ing, v.t.
1. to strike forcefully and repeatedly: to beat a toy drum.
2. to hit (a person or animal) repeatedly so as to cause painful injury; thrash (often fol. by up).
3. to dash against: rain beating the trees.
4. to flutter or flap: a bird beating its wings.
5. to sound, as on a drum: to beat a tattoo.
6. to stir vigorously.
7. to break, forge, or make by blows: to beat swords into plowshares.
8. to make (a path) by repeated treading.
9. to mark (time) by strokes, as with the hand or a metronome.
10. to scour (the forest, grass, or brush) in order to rouse game.
11. to overcome, as in a contest; defeat.
12. Informal. to be superior to: Making reservations beats waiting in line.
13. Informal. to baffle: It beats me how he got the job.
14. Informal. to mitigate or offset the effects of: beating the hot weather.
15. Slang. to swindle; cheat (often fol. by out).
16. Slang. to escape or avoid (blame or punishment).
17. (in weaving) to strike (the loose pick) into its proper place in the woven cloth with the reed or other comblike device.
18. to strike with or as if with repeated blows.
19. to throb or pulsate.
20. to resound under blows, as a drum.
21. to achieve victory in a contest; win.
22. to play, as on a drum.
23. to scour cover for game.
24. (of a cooking ingredient) to permit beating.
25. to tack to windward by sailing close-hauled.
26. beat about, to search through; scour.
27. beat back, to force back; compel to withdraw.
28. beat down,
a. to bring into subjection; subdue.
b. Informal. to persuade (a seller) to lower the price.
29. beat off, to ward off; repulse.
30. beat out,
a. to defeat; win or be chosen over.
b. to create hurriedly; bat out.
31. a stroke or blow.
32. the sound made by one or more such blows.
33. a throb or pulsation: a pulse of 60 beats per minute.
34. one's assigned or regular path or habitual round: a police officer's beat.
a. the audible, visual, or mental marking of the metrical divisions of music.
b. a stroke of the hand, baton, etc., marking the time division or an accent for music during performance.
36. the accent stress, or ictus, in a foot or rhythmical unit of poetry.
37. a variation in amplitude or volume caused by the interference of two waves that have slightly different frequencies.
a. the reporting of a piece of news ahead of one's rivals; scoop. Compare exclusive (def. 10).
b. Also called newsbeat. the news source, activity, etc., that a reporter is assigned to cover.
39. (often cap.) beatnik.
40. Informal. exhausted; worn out.
41. (often cap.) of or characteristic of members of the Beat Generation or beatniks.
1. beat all, to be surprising or impressive: Did he really? Well, if that doesn't beat all!
2. beat it, Informal. to go away.
3. on the beat, in the correct rhythm or tempo.
[before 900; Middle English beten, Old English bēatan, c. Old High German bōzzan]
beat′a•ble, adj.
syn: beat, hit, pound, strike, thrash refer to the giving of a blow or blows. beat implies the giving of repeated blows: to beat a rug. To hit is usu. to give a single blow, definitely directed: to hit a ball. To pound is to give heavy and repeated blows, often with the fist: to pound the table. To strike is to give one or more forceful blows suddenly or swiftly: to strike a gong. To thrash implies inflicting repeated blows as punishment, to show superior strength, or the like: to thrash an opponent.
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