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Adj.1.newsless - not having or receiving news or information
uninformed - not informed; lacking in knowledge or information; "the uninformed public"
2.newsless - not providing news or information
uninformative - lacking information
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However, there is some hope as that same study showed that "this generation of American adults is anything but newsless, passive, or civically uninterested." The research found that 85 percent of millennials say keeping up with the news is at least somewhat important to them and 69 percent get news daily.
The report's authors put a positive spin on their findings, effusively stating that millennials, contrary to many people's perceptions, are "anything but newsless, passive or civically uninterested." They acknowledge that news "may not be the reason that people initially go to Facebook or Twitter," but note, "it has become one of the biggest activities they engage in when they are there."
ut the findings showed that this newest generation of American adults is anything but newsless,' passive or civically uninterested."