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 (no͞oz′lĕt′ər, nyo͞oz′-)
A printed report giving news or information of interest to a special group.


1. Also called: news-sheet a printed periodical bulletin circulated to members of a group
2. (Historical Terms) history a written or printed account of the news


(ˈnuzˌlɛt ər, ˈnyuz-)

a written report, usu. issued periodically by an organization or agency to present information to employees, contributors, stockholders, or the public.
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Noun1.newsletter - report or open letter giving informal or confidential news of interest to a special groupnewsletter - report or open letter giving informal or confidential news of interest to a special group
news report, write up, account, report, story - a short account of the news; "the report of his speech"; "the story was on the 11 o'clock news"; "the account of his speech that was given on the evening news made the governor furious"
market letter - a newsletter written by an analyst of the stock market and sold to subscribers
bulletincyberlettrelettre d’information
haber bülteni


[ˈnjuːzˌletəʳ] Nboletín m informativo


[ˈnjuːzlɛtər] n [organization] → lettre f d'informationnews magazine nmagazine m d'informationsnews media nplmédias mpl d'information


[ˈnjuːzˌlɛtəʳ] nbollettino (di ditta, associazione)


(njuːz) noun singular
a report of, or information about, recent events. You can hear the news on the radio at 9 o'clock; Is there any news about your friend?; (also adjective) a news broadcast.
ˈnewsy adjective
full of news. a newsy letter.
ˈnewsagent noun
(American news dealer) a person who has a shop selling newspapers (and usually other goods).
ˈnewscast noun
a broadcast of news in a radio or television programme.
ˈnewscaster noun
a person who presents a news broadcast.
ˈnewsletter noun
a sheet containing news issued to members of a group, organization etc.
ˈnewspaper noun
a paper, printed daily or weekly, containing news etc. a daily newspaper.

news is singular: No news is good news .
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Plus, the best entry will win Best Edited Newsletter of 2007.
JIN, the magazine's flagship email newsletter, has often filled these gaps by looking critically, not just at the mechanics of the Japanese economy, but at how different people imagine and experience it.
Many of our people are confined at home, and the only connection they have with the outside world is through our monthly newsletter.
Technically, you could send an e-mail newsletter from your everyday mail program, simplifying the process by creating an alias--a single name representing all the recipients' names and e-mail addresses.
New York) and newsletter publisher Alexander Communications (New York).
Look for newly minted books and pamphlets aimed at helping you get your newsletter online, either as a company-wide effort or as an external publication available over the Internet.
Small Cap Stocks Newsletter QualityStocks is a free service that collects data from hundreds of Small-Cap and Micro-Cap online Investment Newsletters into one free Daily Newsletter Report.
Look at the free e-mail newsletter as a worthwhile product in and of itself," says Hartman.
But the newsletter publisher is as much in the marketing business (getting the newsletter in the hands of the right people and getting it read) as in the communication business (getting the right material written to meet message objectives).
Originally strictly a business newsletter publisher, Cap Pub acquired KCI, publishers of Personal Finance in 1981.
In Canada, Newswatch, a weekly electronic newsletter, has been going to 4,000 employees at 50 locations of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), Vancouver, for about a year.
Knowing nothing about newsletters when he began in March of 1983, David did "odd ball" jobs around the office until becoming involved in the launch of a newsletter called Clinical Laser Monthly.