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 (no͞oz′măg′ə-zēn′, nyo͞oz′-)
1. A magazine, usually published weekly, containing reports and analyses of current events.
2. A television program that presents a variety of topics, usually on current events, often by using interviews and commentary.


a publication that reports and analyses news


(ˈnuzˌmæg əˌzin, ˈnyuz-)

1. a periodical, usu. issued weekly, that specializes in reports and commentaries on current events.
[1923, Amer.]
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iPhone owners surveyed indicated that they subscribed to at least one printed newspaper or newsmagazine.
Summary: Paris - The involvement of the polisario network in drug trafficking in the Sahel-Saharan region is worrying all the more so because its former soldiers joined Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) in the region, wrote weekly newsmagazine "Jeune Afrique" in its latest issue.
CMP Media produces 21 healthcare magazines through three divisions, Cliggott Publishing Group, The Oncology Group and The Newsmagazine Group.
In spite of the pandering, the average newsmagazine audience this season was down 10 percent from the year before.
The Dow Jones Newspaper Fund recognizes outstanding high school journalism teachers and newspaper and newsmagazine advisors through its National High School Journalism Teacher of the Year award.
ITEM: In a November 26 feature entitled "Secrets of a Murder," ABC's 20/20 newsmagazine examined "startling new revelations about the Matthew Shepard story.
MOYERS DEPARTS: Veteran newsman Bill Moyers unclips his microphone Friday with his final installment of his PBS newsmagazine program, ``Now,'' airing at 8 p.
I love reading your magazine and find it very informative when it acts as the "national gay and lesbian newsmagazine.
I have been a subscriber for quite a while now, and, in my estimation, Catholic Insight continues to be the best Canadian Catholic newsmagazine available today.
The popular CBS newsmagazine aired a profile of Whitehead Oct.
Throughout the spring and summer of 1998, television newsmagazine programs were making lots of news on their own.
Lamont, a former newsmagazine correspondent and later director of Canadian affairs at the Americas Society, has written a book that is half history and half docudrama: The first half is a concise account of the first 300 years of Canadian history; the second half is a "scenario for the future," the author's speculation on what is still to come.