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 (no͞oz′măg′ə-zēn′, nyo͞oz′-)
1. A magazine, usually published weekly, containing reports and analyses of current events.
2. A television program that presents a variety of topics, usually on current events, often by using interviews and commentary.


a publication that reports and analyses news


(ˈnuzˌmæg əˌzin, ˈnyuz-)

1. a periodical, usu. issued weekly, that specializes in reports and commentaries on current events.
[1923, Amer.]
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The Power To Persuade: FDR, The Newsmagazines, And Going To War, 1939-1941 by Micheal G.
This is what has become of the primetime newsmagazines.
Its Magazine and Conference Group publishes two weekly newsmagazines for the property-casualty and life-health sectors of insurance carrying the National Underwriter brand.
The company publishes two weekly newsmagazines for the property/ casualty (National Underwriter P&C; mostly--controlled circulation of 48,800) and life/health (National Underwriter Life & Health; mostly-controlled circulation of 62,800) sectors of insurance carrying the National Underwriter brand.
Recent polls, including a significant Gallup Poll taken during the declining years of the 20th century on the public's use and view of its media, shows that word of mouth is less trusted than CNN, public television news, local television news, and prime-time TV newsmagazines.
Meanwhile, CNN, television's standard-bearer in news-related matters, gave the genre a benediction by joining with the Time Warner print magazines Time, Entertainment Weekly and Fortune to launch three newsmagazines of its own.
In the past, there were few enough newsmagazines that each could have a night of its own.
It is full of the sort of drama that newsmagazines love: feuds between various national security advisers and secretaries of state; power plays by bureaucrats; rivalries and intrigues that frustrate policy.
A complete list of the firm's 60 journals, books, and newsmagazines is available at www.
CBS had the top three newsmagazines in the ratings last week for the first time since the premiere of ``60 Minutes II'' in January, leading the network to an easy prime-time win for the week.
Just when you thought the airwaves could take no more newsmagazines, this season delivered new editions of "Dateline NBC" and "20/20" and even a clone of the mighty "60 Minutes.
Newsmagazines on CBS, ABC and NBC that covered the story on Sunday night ranked among the six most-watched prime-time programs last week, Nielsen Media Research said on Tuesday.