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Noun1.newspaper advertisement - a printed advertisement that is published in a newspapernewspaper advertisement - a printed advertisement that is published in a newspaper
ad, advert, advertisement, advertising, advertizement, advertizing - a public promotion of some product or service
classified, classified ad, classified advertisement - a short ad in a newspaper or magazine (usually in small print) and appearing along with other ads of the same type
References in classic literature ?
Finally, finding him proof against every threat, they had hurled him back into his prison, and after reproaching Melas with his treachery, which appeared from the newspaper advertisement, they had stunned him with a blow from a stick, and he remembered nothing more until he found us bending over him.
This, however, was really not the advantage it seemed, for the newspaper advertisements were a cause of much loss of precious time and of many weary journeys.
The newspaper advertisement carrying photographs of the Punjab Chief Minister (CM) was displayed in court during hearing of the case in the Lahore registry.
5 million to the national exchequer after a newspaper advertisement on behalf of the Punjab government but carrying his picture was shown in the court.
After newspaper advertisement, meetings with female job seekers were held by the fake Brigadier and he used to ask females to submit their fresh photos taken from different angles.
Great radio and newspaper advertisement keep this place busy year round.
Washington, March 28 ( ANI ): Kuwait's justice minister Nayef Al Ajami has reportedly been given a week's time to either pull out a newspaper advertisement, inviting only men for a position within the ministry, or face questioning.
In a newspaper advertisement published on February 14, Venkat announced his latest movie titled Huchcha Venkat ( Mad Venkat).
3, it announced in a newspaper advertisement on Wednesday.
Vrumona, which is a subsidiary of Heineken, announced in a newspaper advertisement yesterday that Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn had declared it would strip its shelves of all products made by the drinks company.
Ireland's Ryanair airline has been sued by the Swedish prime minister Goran Persson and former foreign minister Laila Freivalds for using their faces in a newspaper advertisement without permission.
A newspaper advertisement the day of the event will list sponsors.