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Noun1.newspaper column - an article giving opinions or perspectives
newspaper, paper - a daily or weekly publication on folded sheets; contains news and articles and advertisements; "he read his newspaper at breakfast"
article - nonfictional prose forming an independent part of a publication
agony column - a newspaper column devoted to personal problems
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Higginbotham liked the word, which was a new one in his vocabulary, recently gleaned from a newspaper column. "That's what it is, debotchin' - there ain't no other name for it."
You think your husband is a great man now because they are beginning to talk of his foregrounds and middle distances in the newspaper columns that nobody reads.
It stood for days upon his chimney-piece, this costly trophy whose ancient history and final fate filled newspaper columns even in these days of Jubilee, and for which the flower of Scotland Yard was said to be seeking high and low.
He is the top-earning MP, having made around PS800,000 last year, with PS275,000 coming from his national newspaper column and PS407,895 from speeches, including PS42,580 for one promoting a no-deal Brexit.
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV dismissed as 'fake news' the alleged 'little narco' remark of United States (US) President Donald Trump against him published in a newspaper column.
"Maybe before I die, I want to do something other than write a daily newspaper column," he told E&P.
Brady said in a newspaper column: "Duncan is acting like a silly old fool.
What are the chances that all these years later we would end up in the same newspaper column?
After his death, New York-based King Features Syndicate suggested the brothers' newspaper column might continue to list both Tom and Ray Magliozzi as co-creators.
It was Price who started the spat by calling model Kelly a "heifer" in her newspaper column three-week ago, and she has again taken the first step in calling a truce by saying sorry on Twitter, the Mirror reported.
In addition, the AJA honoured four outstanding media people under Special Award; Media Personality of the Year 2012; and Newspaper Column. These were decided by 60 jury members comprising reputed journalists and industry leaders from across the Arab region.
ALTHOUGH I've done lots of work in radio and TV, this is my first newspaper column.