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Noun1.newspaper columnist - a columnist who writes for newspapers
agony aunt - a newspaper columnist who answers questions and offers advice on personal problems to people who write in
columnist, editorialist - a journalist who writes editorials
gossip columnist - a journalist who writes a column of gossip about celebrities
newspaper critic - a critic who writes a column for the newspapers
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PDI opinion writer Ambeth Ocampo is Best Newspaper Columnist for "Looking Back" which, Gawad Tanglaw said in its announcement, "gives the reader a wider perspective not only of history but of the Filipino story as a whole.
The newspaper columnist said he would find it hard to continue if he was in the position of the Primate.
wrote Al-Hayat newspaper columnist Badriya Al-Bishr, who pointed out that women had recently gathered politely at the ministry's entrance.
ALF and TINA THESE two mnemonics were coined by a national newspaper columnist following David Laws's impressive display of budgetary axe-wielding last Monday.
Summary: Police have received a complaint about an article written by newspaper columnist Jan Moir about the death of Stephen Gately.
Retiring" is certainly not the usual word to describe newspaper columnist and newsletter editor Robert Novak, but that's what he announced he's doing, retiring.
I CAN'T believe the abuse aUS newspaper columnist is getting because she let her nine-year-old son travel alone across New York on the subway.
In the largely dreary documentary Heather Mills: What Really Happened (Channel 4, Tuesday), newspaper columnist Carole Malone informed us: "Heather's life really started when she lost her leg.
THE bestselling autobiography penned by Coventry-born TalkSport presenter and national newspaper columnist Jon Gaunt (left) has been so successful he has landed a new deal with publishers Virgin.
The ex-MP for Kensington and Chelsea and now TV regular and newspaper columnist will share his experiences and stories as well as take questions from the audience.
Guiding Parents Succeeding Children: Reflections On Raising children In 79 Articles By A Parent, Therapist, Teacher, Coach" by psychotherapist and newspaper columnist Tom McNair is the debut title in the new 'Your Mind and Heart' series designed to present sound advice, sage counsel, practical insights, and applicable information for parents seeking to maintain a traditional family life for themselves and their children.
Prosecutors have dropped a charge of wasting police time brought against a newspaper columnist who claimed to have killed her great aunt.