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Noun1.newspaper critic - a critic who writes a column for the newspapers
critic - a person who is professionally engaged in the analysis and interpretation of works of art
newspaper columnist - a columnist who writes for newspapers
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Only think of your falling asleep at what I hoped the newspaper critics would pronounce a most brilliant, powerful, imaginative, pathetic, and original winding up!
"But I think it is also true that customer expectation can be quite different to Michelin inspector (or even newspaper critic) expectation, and restaurants have had to heed their customer's feedback.
Sardonic newspaper critic James Gordon Bennett (Paul Sparks) denounces the enterprise as "a primitive circus of humbug".
One daily newspaper critic wrote this week he would "rather throw myself on top of a funeral pyre than watch Mrs Brown's Boys".
He outlined what he considered the ideal approach of the ideal newspaper critic in one of his early Spectator essays on "Mr.
These days, a disgruntled but ignorant customer on Yelp might have more clout than any expert guidebook, magazine article, or newspaper critic," Tancer wrote in a blog post.
One British newspaper critic was even moved to venture that Dubai should prepare for the "desert sands to close over it".
She has just moved on to the sofa with Lorraine Kelly, where she is a newspaper critic, and her success there is making her rethink her attitude to telly.
At the end of the play, Lillian finally caught the butterfly "that she cannot let go, and whom she learns to love, and the curtain goes down on a happy family of two people," wrote the newspaper critic.
Part 2 focuses on Erik, a Dutch newspaper critic suffering from a midlife crisis, who submits himself to the rigors of an Austrian health clinic in an attempt to regain his youth and the respect of his girlfriend.
Corbitt, born in Whitley Bay, grew up with parents who put on local Gilbert and Sullivan shows and the young Corbitt appeared in them, one performance being describedby a newspaper critic as "adequate" (a better review than he deserved, admits Corbitt).
The Tribune selections paint a clear portrait of the newspaper critic's daily grind.

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