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 (no͞o′zē, nyo͞o′-)
adj. news·i·er, news·i·est Informal
Full of news; informative.

news′i·ness n.


adj, newsier or newsiest
full of news, esp gossipy or personal news: a newsy letter.
ˈnewsiness n


(ˈnu zi, ˈnyu-)

adj. news•i•er, news•i•est.
full of news: a long, newsy letter.
news′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.newsy - full of news; "a newsy letter"
informatory, informative - providing or conveying information
2.newsy - prone to friendly informal communication
communicatory, communicative - able or tending to communicate; "was a communicative person and quickly told all she knew"- W.M.Thackeray
حافِل بالأخْبار
plný novinek
fuld af nyheder
sok érdekes hírt tartalmazó
fullur af fréttum
plný noviniek
haber dolu


[ˈnjuːzɪ] ADJlleno de noticias


adj (+er) (inf)voller Neuigkeiten


[ˈnjuːzɪ] adj (fam) → ricco/a di notizie


(njuːz) noun singular
a report of, or information about, recent events. You can hear the news on the radio at 9 o'clock; Is there any news about your friend?; (also adjective) a news broadcast.
ˈnewsy adjective
full of news. a newsy letter.
ˈnewsagent noun
(American news dealer) a person who has a shop selling newspapers (and usually other goods).
ˈnewscast noun
a broadcast of news in a radio or television programme.
ˈnewscaster noun
a person who presents a news broadcast.
ˈnewsletter noun
a sheet containing news issued to members of a group, organization etc.
ˈnewspaper noun
a paper, printed daily or weekly, containing news etc. a daily newspaper.

news is singular: No news is good news .
References in classic literature ?
But it took all Diana's breezy, newsy, delightful epistle to banish the sting of Ruby's postscript.
Aka the cutting courtroom king of daytime TV, aka the fella who was a runner-up on Strictly 2016, aka a seriously intelligent and naturally funny chap who is taking the helm of this new late night topical newsy comedy show.
Scripps Co.'s Newsy has added its full slate of news programming to fuboTV , the live TV streaming service.
As The Washington Post puts it, "those two statements are newsy, but not necessarily new." But it was apparently "not the kind of news [Sisi's] government wanted broadcast," a CBS spokesperson tells Al Jazeera.
The poll conducted in July by Ipsos, in partnership with Newsy, also revealed that younger Americans are just as likely to own guns as older Americans.
Those and other newsy topics are on the agenda of health care professionals and experts who will speak Thursday morning at Lehigh Valley Business' annual Health Care Symposium at University Center at DeSales University in Center Valley.
Jost and Che are the current anchors on SNL's newsy "Weekend Update" segment -- meaning their Emmys material is likely to feature a wealth of political gags.
"The Illinois Chronicles" also includes more than 40 newspaper articles, written as if they happened yesterday, which capture key moments in Illinois history in a newsy and entertaining way.
This sketch show is filmed right up to the minute so that Tracey can stay current and newsy with her impressions.
Just when you thought no other wedding could generate buzz this year, after that newsy Vicki Belo-Hayden Kho wedding, then came the invite to the 60th wedding anniversary celebration of Sen.
Capitalizing on its momentum in over-the-top television, Newsy, the national news network focused on millennial audiences, has launched a major expansion into the cable and satellite marketplace, kicked off by The E.W.