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A nickel ore, essentially nickel arsenide, NiAs, found in America and Europe.

[New Latin niccolum, nickel (perhaps from Swedish nickel; see nickel) + -ite.]


(Minerals) a copper-coloured mineral consisting of nickel arsenide in hexagonal crystalline form, occurring associated with copper and silver ores: a source of nickel. Formula: NiAs. Also called: nickeline
[C19: from New Latin niccolum nickel + -ite1]


(ˈnɪk əˌlaɪt)

a copper-red metallic mineral, nickel arsenide, NiAs.
[1865–70; < New Latin niccol(um) nickel + -ite1]
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Coarse-grained niccolite and gersdorffite- cobaltite are also present in trace quantities.
Cross-cutting niccolite infill fractures are associated with VTEM indicated sulphides on Targets 1, 4 and 7.
TSX VENTURE:WL)(PINK SHEETS:WYDPF)(FWB:YXE) is a publicly traded Junior Exploration Company focused on its Northeastern British Columbia Natural Gas development projects - the Bougie Trutch and Prophet River plays, the Hearne Channel, Northwest Territories, (a Niccolite (nickel)-Cobalt Project), Blustry Mountain, British Columbia (a Gold-Silver Project), and Ferguson Lake, Nunavut (a Nickel-Copper-Platinum-Palladium-Cobalt Project).
The nickel occurs in the form of niccolite (NiAs) and is generally found in lenses and pods, which are believed to be structurally controlled.
Due to the high specific gravity of the Niccolite mineralization, the Company has accepted its consultants' recommendations that a detailed gravity survey be completed on the property.
Cross-cutting high grade niccolite infill fractures, which returned assays of up to 38% nickel, are closely associated with two of the EM conductors.