nickel alloy

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Noun1.nickel alloy - an alloy whose main constituent is nickel
alloy, metal - a mixture containing two or more metallic elements or metallic and nonmetallic elements usually fused together or dissolving into each other when molten; "brass is an alloy of zinc and copper"
Monel metal, Monell metal - an alloy of nickel and copper and other metals (such as iron and/or manganese and/or aluminum)
Nichrome - an alloy of nickel and chromium with high electrical resistance and an ability to withstand high temperatures; used for resistance heating elements
Permalloy - an 80/20 alloy of nickel and iron; easily magnetized and demagnetized
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Nagarajan, a physicist at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Bombay, India, and his colleagues describe superconductivity in a nickel alloy.
The hardened epoxy is electroplated with nickel or a nickel alloy, and then the epoxy is dissolved away, leaving a core or cavity.
Kicking off a session that emphasized molding processes, Vijay Kumar, Ancast, Inc., Sodus, Michigan, discussed the use of riser sleeves in martensitic stainless and nickel alloy applications.
The firm also will develop new products in the areas of copper, brass and nickel alloy in rod, bar, wire and strip forms.