nicotine addiction

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Noun1.nicotine addiction - an addiction to nicotine
drug addiction, white plague - an addiction to a drug (especially a narcotic drug)
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Taiwanese lawmakers however cite a survey from the Health Promotion Administration in the Ministry of Health and Welfare, which shows a quickly increasing rate of teens beginning to 'vape,' which they argue will negatively affect the rates of young smokers, and nicotine addiction.
It is estimated that over 20m people have used cytisine to help combat nicotine addiction, including over 2,000 patients in investigator-conducted, Phase 3 clinical trials in Europe and New Zealand.
By dragging their feet, the FDA risks rolling back the incredible gains we have made to protect a new generation from a lifetime of disease and eventual death brought on by nicotine addiction and tobacco use.
ISLAMABAD -- Electronic-cigarettes are less addictive than traditional cigarettes for long-term smokers, according to research that sheds new light on how nicotine addiction works.
Nicotine's effect on brain development leads adolescents to heavier daily tobacco use, a stronger nicotine addiction, and more trouble with quitting later in life.
More than $50bn may be spent annually on the devices worldwide by 2030 amid growing "concern about the role of the tobacco industry in this market" and the potential for the products to serve as a "gateway to nicotine addiction," says WHO.
In related news, the New York State Department of Health in April launched its "Treat Nicotine Addiction Campaign," which urges health care providers to reframe smoking as an addiction to nicotine rather than simply as a bad habit.
This is according to Anas Al-Hadi, a doctor at a clinic treating people for nicotine addiction.
It also reviews key players involved in the therapeutic development for Nicotine Addiction and special features on late-stage and discontinued projects.
These magnets are fixed on a special point of your ear, and help to control and reduce the desire to smoke, and subsequently stop nicotine addiction.
But that popularity has led to increased scrutiny, and concern that the e-cigarettes may actually promote nicotine addiction rather than helping people quit.
My father, six weeks shy of 13 years sober, died from nicotine addiction at the age of 59.

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