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Noun1.Niggardness - extreme stinginessniggardness - extreme stinginess      
stinginess - a lack of generosity; a general unwillingness to part with money
littleness, pettiness, smallness - lack of generosity in trifling matters
miserliness - total lack of generosity with money
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After straggling into Kazeh in November, five months after the caravan started out, Burton is ecstatic to see Arabs there, noting the contrast between "the open-handed hospitality and hearty goodwill of this truly noble race, and the niggardness [sic] of the savage and selfish African--it was heart of flesh after heart of stone" (1: 323).
Why does the celestial empire allow barbarians to buy her tea, silk, and so on and show no niggardness in sharing the benefits?