night bird

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Noun1.night bird - any bird associated with night: owlnight bird - any bird associated with night: owl; nightingale; nighthawk; etc
bird - warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings
night raven - any bird that cries at night
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On returning to the sacristy he had torn off his alb, cope, and stole, had flung all into the hands of the stupefied beadle, had made his escape through the private door of the cloister, had ordered a boatman of the Terrain to transport him to the left bank of the Seine, and had plunged into the hilly streets of the University, not knowing whither he was going, encountering at every step groups of men and women who were hurrying joyously towards the Pont Saint-Michel, in the hope of still arriving in time to see the witch hung there,--pale, wild, more troubled, more blind and more fierce than a night bird let loose and pursued by a troop of children in broad daylight.
Trent and the boy took it by turns to watch, their revolvers loaded by their side, and their eyes ever turned towards that dark line of forest whence came nothing but the singing of night birds and the calling of wild animals.
As to the windows, all the panes having been broken, night birds, alarmed by the torch, flew away through their holes.
He was a Russian: and for him to be implicated meant simply sinking into the lowest social depths amongst the hopeless and the destitute--the night birds of the city.
The rush and swoop of these wonderful night birds was all lost upon him; their heroic dash and self-sacrifice.
It is one of the birds of prey, a night bird and large in size that belongs to the family of real owls, as the name implies.
Obviously with my entertainment background -- one of my specialities is a Robbie Williams tribute act 'Gareth as Robbie' -- so needs must I am a night bird for much of the time.
Lee played a rock star brought back from the grave who adopts the persona of a night bird to avenge his own and his girlfriend's untimely deaths.
And those who heard it Felt a hurt in their hearts and thought they were hearing The song of a night bird. They sat up in their beds, and then They lay back down again.
'Thomas Chapin, Night Bird Song' by Stephanie Castillo
The speaker in "Night Bird," another poem in The Eagle's Mile, cannot see the gyrating creature overhead, but he imagines that he can fit his hands and arms into those beating wings.
Stationed slightly to our right are Night Bird and The College Widow, two film treatments that Faulkner wrote in 1932, early in his tenure at MGM, which feature a character similar to Temple.