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Noun1.night club - a spot that is open late at night and that provides entertainment (as singers or dancers) as well as dancing and food and drinknight club - a spot that is open late at night and that provides entertainment (as singers or dancers) as well as dancing and food and drink; "don't expect a good meal at a cabaret"; "the gossip columnist got his information by visiting nightclubs every night"; "he played the drums at a jazz club"
dive, honkytonk - a cheap disreputable nightclub or dance hall
spot - a business establishment for entertainment; "night spot"
supper club - usually a small luxurious nightclub
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Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 31 (ANI): Excise Department of GNCT, Delhi on Friday apprehended a night club manager for allegedly serving non-duty paid liquor at the outlet managed by him.
According to him, even though the Abuja master plan makes provisions for all activities including night clubs but it forbids the conversion of buildings from one purpose to another as in the case of the demolished night club.
Previously, 16 people were killed and three others were injured in an attack on a restaurant and a night club in Cairo's Agouza in 2015.
The two suspects carried out the crime as they reportedly needed cash for partying at a night club.
KAHyRE (CyHAN)- At least 12 people were killed on Friday in an attack by unknown militants on a night club in the Egyptian capital of Cairo, state media reported.
This is the Hippodrome night club and bar on its opening night, right, on August 3, 1987
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Informed political source disclosed "discontent" of religious clergymen, headed by Mahmoud Shahrawardi, of the night clubs and alcohol stores in Baghdad and some other provinces, adding that "Baghdad has turned into big night club," according Sadr Times News Agency today.
Rugeley-based GMP Design is designing a major revamp scheme for the NV Night Club in the five-star All Seasons Hotel in the city of Owerri, the capital of Nigeria's Imo State.
The probe at the "Sunny Beach" resort from the past weekend found out BGN 300 000 were concealed in just one night while a surprise visit to 4 of its largest night club revealed that BGN 7 000 out of every BGN 10 000 never get declared and taxed.
The Ministry of the Interior today confirmed the report saying that the pistol seized in the south of Kyrgyzstan was used to kill journalist Alisher Saipov.The Drug Control Agency said yesterday that A.Rasulov, a Kyrgyz citizen, resident of Batken oblast, was detained with 16 kilos of drugs with whom the Makarov pistol was found as a result of search.The ballistic examination carreid out at the Forensic Examination Center of the Ministry of the Interior and check of indentification number in the registry of weapon established that: 5 shells and one bullet 9 mm in size found at the scene of exchange of shots outside the night club X.O.
His Chinese girlfriend, who he met in a night club where she is a sex worker.