night crawler

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or night crawler  (nīt′krô′lər)
Any of various large earthworms that dig deep burrows in the ground and emerge at night. They are often used as fish bait.
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night′ crawl`er

an earthworm.
[1920–25, Amer.]
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He has also learned how to make his own organic fertilizer from vermicast (African Night Crawler poop), fermented fish, and plant and fruit juice, all of which he learned and perfected, thanks to the Internet.
It wasn't two minutes after casting out the pole rigged for live bait, this time with a regular old night crawler, that the bobber disappeared and I had a fish on.
As a comparison, the movie "Night Crawler" follows an independent videographer or stringer working to sell footage to a local news station.
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Catholics can also claim Night Crawler, aka Kurt Wagner.
The lid had pin-prick air holes and a picture of a night crawler on it: googly eyes and a fishing hat and a grin.
It came down to which angler was able to keep his night crawler in the water longest.
Casting is not Zoe's forte just yet, so we fished the old fashioned way, throwing our night crawler rigs out with a sliding egg sinker, letting them rest on the bottom.
are the orchard worm, rain worm, angle worm, branding worm, night crawler and field worm.
FORMER royal butler Paul Burrell raised more than pounds 136, 000 for a North Wales charity by dining on night crawler worms, cockroaches and kangaroos' testicles.
As he trembled with fear, meal worms, crayfish, stink beetles, night crawler worms, bush cockroaches, Goliath stick insects and crickets were poured into his trousers.