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Noun1.night life - the entertainment available to people seeking nighttime diversion
entertainment, amusement - an activity that is diverting and that holds the attention
2.night life - the activity of people seeking nighttime diversion (as at the theater, a nightclub, etc.); "a futile search for intelligent nightlife"; "in the summer the nightlife shifts to the dance clubs"
diversion, recreation - an activity that diverts or amuses or stimulates; "scuba diving is provided as a diversion for tourists"; "for recreation he wrote poetry and solved crossword puzzles"; "drug abuse is often regarded as a form of recreation"
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From the edge of the roof he looked down upon the night life of the mad city.
The grizzled ship's steward and the rough-coated Irish terrier quickly became conspicuous figures in the night life of the Barbary Coast of San Francisco.
The event was well attended by some of the biggest celebrities and night life enthusiasts as DJ Cuppy brought the best vibes, and a fun night with Champagne indulgence.
Our next picture shows a group of friends enjoying the night life at Snuffy's, Great Harwood.
However, a new bar is on the cards that will add to the flourishing night life in the town centre.
plus War Horse creator on bringing his vision to city stage Night Life /Inside PLUS your complete guide to Christmas in the city /Inside sport Lallana comeback on cards - but where will he fit in?
Superintendent Andy Parsons tweeted: "Literally 'mixing' up the tactics tonight to get out and meet students enjoying the night life across WMP and promote Safer Students." Police chase led to 'Kinder Surprise' discovery down man's trousers The DJING cops then visited university freshers enjoying a mid-week night out at The Empire.
President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday revealed that his advanced age had kept him from having a night life.
Halloween Friday Night Life Centre for Life The Life Science Centre is opening up after dark tonight so adult visitors can take the chance to scare themselves silly with a range of eerie activities, as part of the Centre's Friday Night Life series.
According to the Delhi Police,more police personnel are required if Delhi wants to enjoy a night life.
They say theatre staff already have to clean its entrances of vomit, urine and litter from the city's night life - and they fear it could get worse.
Synopsis: The snake bitten peninsula of Korea manages to obscure its alcoholic lust and debauchery-filled night life from the rest of the world, until now.