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1. A painting or other representation of a night scene.
2. A place or scene at night: "Some can remember the war only in flashes, like a nightscape lit by lightning" (Andrew Ward).
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"e ASE is a cuttingedge late-night venue and part of the evolution of the Newcastle nightscape," said Fluid Group area manager Dave Walker.
"Amazing what/where you stumble across by pure accident, aint it?" he says RIGHT: Stephen Sanders' nightscape of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Liverpool.
The glittering, urban nightscape is divided by the dark ribbon of the river flowing steadfastly to the sea.
It's here, almost halfway through, that a plot of sorts finally starts, signaled by a striking effects sequence of a London nightscape peopled by lonely people in their apartments.
The camera also offers features like Nightscape and Chroma Boost.
Nightscape mode optimizes camera performance in low-lit environments while the Chroma Boost uses AI technology to identify objects, optimize photos and improve overall detail and dynamic range.
There are software options for setting the tracking rate to Sidereal, Solar, or Lunar, and for having SAM turn at 2x or 0.5x sidereal rate, the latter useful for some nightscape images.
"MOTHER TARAY." Ernest Santiago gave Manila nightscape the famous Coco Banana -- "MOTHER TARAY." Ernest Santiago gave Manila nightscape the famous Coco Banana, for more than a decade Asia's only disco.
Celestron's Nightscape CCD camera and CPC Deluxe HD are two amazing new additions to Celestron's highly successful astro-imaging line.
There are those that you want to fulfil a need, That pass through the nightscape at incredible speed.