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night shift

or night·shift (nīt′shĭft′)
1. A group of employees working during the night in a factory or business.
2. The period of time for such work.
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But four years after Sky commissioned cop drama Nightshift, Ashley Walters and Noel Clarke are still waiting.
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has cut by half the number of traffic constables assigned to the nightshift due to mounting extortion complaints, mostly from cargo truck drivers.
She also participated in Ras Masqa Artists in Residence and is the woman behind two projects detailing Beirut's underground nightlife -- Vertiges du matin (Morning Vertigo) and Nightshift.
On Friday, three clubbing institutions are joining forces to bring us Nightshift presents House Party.
Did he ever witness nightshift workers stu lighted papers in cooling fans to make lots of smoke then go on strike so they could make it to the pubs with their wages?
Nightshift offers a snapshot of a night in the life of some of these workers.
I cover during the day and Noel covers the nightshift," added JoAnne
The NightShift family has been bringing some of the best Bollywood parties since 2007.
15am while nightshift staff were at work in the factory.
Cleaning staff fighting for better pay and enhancements for nightshift workers have asked their union Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers Union (RMT) to back plans for a walk-out in May.
Nightshift workers at the factory said they heard the building creak before the walls and ceiling crashed down before midnight Sunday.