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1. (Astronomy) astronomy the dark side (of a planet)
2. (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) US the workers of a night-shift
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the dark side of a planet or moon.
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Green's Nightside and China Mieville's UnLondon, made-up cities like Charles de Lint's Newford and Liz Williams's Singapore 3, or secondary-world cities such as Jeff VanderMeer's Ambergris and Max Gladstone's Alt Coulumb?
The satellite will avoid a major source of noise, created as the solar wind interacts with Earth's atmosphere, by only taking observations during its 45-minute passes over Earth's nightside. HaloSat is expected to operate for a year.
But he insisted on looking and listening beyond such harmonies, in order to explore the unseen origins of the deafening animal voices that raged through the nightside of nature.
To accommodate the new lineup, "WGN Nightside," a showcase for podcast clips and other program highlights from the past and present, will air from 11 p.m.
"We were automatically uploading Nightside Project on air segments as podcasts," says Ethan Millard, host of the popular KSL talkshow.
Chapter 10, John Miller's "Creatures on the 'NightSide of Nature': James Thomson's Melancholy Ethics," investigates the "disproportionate interest in predatory and abject creatures in Thomson's writing" (p.
"There is the possibility that they might detect some natural nightside airglow 6 an emission of light in the upper atmosphere produced when atoms broken apart by the solar wind recombine to form molecules, releasing energy in the form of light."
The haze scatters sunlight into the nightside, teasing researchers with glimpses of odd landforms faintly illuminated in Pluto's twilight.
Dekker discovers an old grandfather clock with a skull face and he inadvertently opens a door between Dayside, land of the living, and Nightside, realm of the dead.
Initial atmospheric observations of the images are showing that the haze that envelops the planet has many layers, causing a soft illumination of nightside features during the sunset hours, visible to New Horizons' cameras.