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A small table or stand placed at a bedside. Also called night table.


a small bedside cabinet or table

night′ ta`ble

a small table set next to a bed.
noční stolek
mesita de nocheveladorburómesa de nochemesilla de noche
noćni ormarić
침대 곁의 보조 탁자
bàn để đầu giường


طَاوِلَة بِجَانِب السَرير noční stolek natbord Nachttisch κομοδίνο mesita de noche yöpöytä table de chevet noćni ormarić tavolino da letto ベッドサイドテーブル 침대 곁의 보조 탁자 nachtkastje nattbord stolik nocny criado mudo, mesa de cabeceira прикроватный столик nattduksbord โต๊ะข้างเตียงนอน komodin bàn để đầu giường 床头柜
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SIMPLE and elegant this one drawer nightstand would make a great addition to any bedroom.
The robbers took e1/44,000 in cash, which had been stored in a closet, and jewellery worth e1/46,000 from a nightstand.
I want to suggest Amy Stewart's The Earth Moved: On the Remarkable Achievements of Earthworms for your nightstand.
This Cyclops Revo 1100 handheld spotlight has enjoyed a coveted position in my home on nightstand duty.
In addition to a light on a nightstand, Wick likes to hang a pendant(4) over the foot of the bed.
The commandant's nightstand is a dynamic list of books, papers, and articles that address contemporary issues facing the Chemical Corps and the Army.
This allows Apple Watch owners to place a watch sideways to enable nightstand mode, which displays the time and date while charging.
When you go to bed at night, along with whatever other security measures you take, place your carry/house gun on the nightstand or in the bed-mounted holster, along with your cell phone and a tactical light within easy reach.
Wireless chargers have been around for some time, but Ikea has taken the concept to a new level, and integrated one directly into its new Selje nightstand.
The wardrobe to the left of the bed has a nightstand drawer, which is dual purpose (nightstand and storage) and two additional drawers for clothing, plus hanging clothes above.
He checked to make sure it wasn't his wife, who was sleeping beside him, then slid out of bed naked, grabbed the 9mm pistol from his nightstand and went to investigate.
First, an advertisement for a pistol instructs the reader "Put it in your nightstand and sleep well.