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A club carried by a police officer.
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(ˈnaɪtˌstɪk) or

night stick

a club or truncheon used by the police
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Noun1.nightstick - a short stout club used primarily by policemennightstick - a short stout club used primarily by policemen
club - stout stick that is larger at one end; "he carried a club in self defense"; "he felt as if he had been hit with a club"
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[ˈnaɪtstɪk] N (US) → porra f (de policía)
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Both detectives were accused of hitting Smith with their nightsticks on the palms of his hands and on the backs of his legs.
The new police force, dubbed "Municipal Police" will not carry guns - unlike the National Police Force - but officers will be equipped with nightsticks and tear gas, according to the source.
They can equip themselves only with nightsticks, teargas canisters, handcuffs, whistles, flashlights, rain protection gear, pens and notepads, and first-aid kits, he said in a statement.
Once again the nightsticks cracked cheekbones like teacups.
* Prison Thugz Fight by Mike921 - The location for the job is The Bolingbroke Penitentiary with abundant supply of baseball bats, knifes and nightsticks to keep the fight going.
An hour away is Selma, where the beating of peaceful marchers by mounted police wielding nightsticks, and using tear gas, outraged the nation.
Riot police in Tunis Wednesday fired tear gas into crowds, and plainclothes security officers beat protesters with nightsticks, witnesses said.
On the other side was a lineup of NYPD horses carrying officers with nightsticks.
On the other side was a lineup of NYPD horses carrying officers with nightsticks. "We are marching to express support for our brother, (Iraq war veteran) Scott Olsen, who was injured in Oakland," said Jerry Bordeleau, a former Army specialist who served in Iraq through 2009.
Today, as we look to Arab peoples in admiration of their strength, in sorrow over their losses and in anger at the dictatorships that have ruled and oppressed them for so long, I realize that we too need to recall those years of strength and resolve, that loss of fear we all had as we faced down Israeli tanks, soldiers heavily armed with live ammunition, tear gas and nightsticks, all of which were used generously against us.
In the next moment, a squad of what we called Black jacks (those were the black municipal policeman of that period) arrived with battens and nightsticks and went to work inside the hall, while Zakes and I waited outside.
Those who are willing to brave the bitter cold of winter or the nightsticks of their own police for Palestine understand that Israel's bombs must be silenced, its criminal leaders brought to justice, and the Palestinians left to live in dignity before any peace can prevail.