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One, especially a robber or prostitute, who walks the streets at night.
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1. (Animals) informal US a large earthworm active at night
2. (Animals) any animal that is active at night
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(ˈnaɪtˌwɔ kər)

a person who walks or roves about at night, esp. a thief or prostitute.
night′walk`ing, adj., n.
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Noun1.nightwalker - terrestrial worm that burrows into and helps aerate soilnightwalker - terrestrial worm that burrows into and helps aerate soil; often surfaces when the ground is cool or wet; used as bait by anglers
oligochaete, oligochaete worm - hermaphroditic terrestrial and aquatic annelids having bristles borne singly along the length of the body
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Charlie soon finds himself escorting a Nightwalker to Sector 12 in northern Wales to claim a bounty from HiberTech's headquarters--and to follow up on rumors of a viral dream.
Anderson .Paak is also featured in the awesome 'Black Panther' soundtrack alongside Ab-Soul and James Blake for 'Blood Waters.' The Afro-Korean artist has collaborated with a number of hip-hop artists from Seoul including DEAN ('Put My Hands on You') and Dumbfoundead ('Nightwalker,' 'New Days').
There, a chance meeting leads to Madeline, a mysterious member of the Nightwalker gang that has been killing members of the upper crust of Gotham society and draining their bank accounts to fund a revolution.
Martin, 27, of 25 Queen St., Worcester, charged with being a common nightwalker, continued without a finding until March 1, 2016.
As a designer working with emerging women's wear brand Nightwalker Co.
Averaging about twenty pages for poetry and two pages of introduction for each poet, this book can offer more of Ireland's distinctive long poems-from Clarke's "Mnemosyne Lay in Dust" (8 pages), Kavanagh's "The Great Hunger" (entire), MacNeice's "Autumn Journal" (6 pages), Murphy's "The Battle of Aughrim" (10 pages), Kinsella's "Nightwalker" and "Butcher's Dozen" (both entire), and all of Muldoon' s "Incantata"--than we usually find in anthologies.
Dirk Vanderbeke's "The Vampire Strikes Back: On the History of a Nightwalker" starts with a quite informative study of the vampire of European folklore beginning with medieval sources, and shows how the traditional characteristics of the folkloric revenant were very selectively adapted (and sometimes transformed into their exact opposites) in 18th and 19th century literature, then went through a further metamorphosis, primarily led by Hollywood, in the 20th century.
A statement by Sabanci Foundation said on Tuesday that the orchestra began its concert with "el sombrero de tres picos" of Manuel de Falla and performed "nightwalker" of Mahir Cetiz and "prelude to the afternoon of a faun" of Claude Debussy.
Another Nightwalker hoping that his financial outlay will translate into success on the track is Chris Hackwood, 22.
Beginning years after Nightwalker left off, this continues the story of Maurey, half nightwalker, half human.
Nightwalker, the first book in the Warlocks of Talverdin series, began with what was almost a sketch of the character of Maurey, a foundling who's lost the only person who ever cared for him and is entirely alone in a world that hates and fears him--he's actually a character that has existed since a one-page thing I started but never finished as a child--but the idea I had for a race of people who could use darkness to cross into another plane or layer of reality was what really brought him, and the political world in which he moves, to life for me.
Even a random list from Downstream (1962) and Nightwalker (1968) shows its presence: 'with darkness for a nest'; 'a rack of leaves', 'a skull of light', 'both to horrify and instruct', 'crumbling place of growth', 'tender offals', 'the slithering pit', 'grim composure', 'a jewel made of pain'.