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Variant of nightie.
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1. a loose gown, worn in bed by women or children.
2. Archaic. dressing gown.
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She was the most celebrated baby of the Gardens, and lived in the palace all alone, with ever so many dolls, so people rang the bell, and up she got out of her bed, though it was past six o'clock, and she lighted a candle and opened the door in her nighty, and then they all cried with great rejoicings, "Hail, Queen of England!" What puzzled David most was how she knew where the matches were kept.
Nevertheless, when Davy was garbed in his gray flannel nighty, he did not seem in a hurry to begin.
I wonder if it's all right to go out after the 7pm deadline wearing a nighty. Or is it presumed that women do not venture out after dark?
The tracks are "Nighty Noodels" (2:41), "Further and Farther Around the Bend" (4:09), "Noodles Interlude" (0:37), "Skeezy Boofer's Wonderful Ears" (11:42), "Noodles Interlude 2" (0:27), "Why Slipper Stream Sings" (5:51), "How Is that Scrape on Your Knee?" (2:15), "Swing the Gate and the Worm Brigade" (13:56), "Noodles Interlude 3" (0:37), "Melody Rimshot and the Tub of Pickles Band" (11:28), "Pages of a Book are Like Leaves on a Tree" (2:17), "Carmela Cellar Door and Her Bedtime Song" (10:35), "Carmela's Song" (2:33) and "Nighty Noodles - Reprise" (0:48).
My heart is full of love, And my soul is all delight, You're the one who sang me to sleep, And whispered 'nighty night'.
Rose Nighty, another person with disability, urged the government to consider them in decision making since disability was not inability.
However, the 'Last Christmas' singer believed that his accent changed because before falling ill, he had become obsessed with sitcom 'Nighty Night,' which was set in Bristol.
Davis, best known for Nighty Night and her turn as Pam in Gavin & Stacey, plays the housekeeper, and interferes with their relationship.
"How do you like my new nighty, honey?" she asked seductively.
We've teamed up with Grace Cole, makers of the Forever Friends Natural collection for tots and toddlers up to three years old to bag you a brilliant discount on bubble bath, shampoo, body wash, body butter and Nighty Night Cuddle Lotion.
The new line of sulfate-, paraben--and phthalate-free skin care products include Happy Baby Soap, Splish Splash and Nighty Nite Organic Shower Gel (both of which are said to be thicker than castile soaps), Bubbles Natural Baby Shampoo, Pookie Natural Body Lotion, Wiggle Baby Cremes, Lil' Soaker Bath Soak, Cutie Patootie Diaper Ointment and Fluffy Bear Talc Free powder.
Bill Nighty plays vampire ruler Viktor while Sheen plays enslaved Lycan Lucian who has a secret affair with Viktor's daughter Sonja (Rhone Mitra).