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1. The process of becoming black or dark.
2. Blackness or darkness, as of complexion.

[From nigrescent, blackish, from Latin nigrēscēns, nigrēscent-, present participle of nigrēscere, to become black, from niger, nigr-, black; see nekw-t- in Indo-European roots.]

ni·gres′cent adj.
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blackish; dark
[C18: from Latin nigrescere to grow black, from niger black; see Negro1]
niˈgrescence n
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(naɪˈgrɛs ənt)

tending toward black; blackish.
[1745–55; < Latin nigrēscent-, s. of nigrēscēns, present participle of nigrēscere to turn black]
ni•gres′cence, n.
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(16) Physically continuous with the bubbling, nigrescent excretions issuing from the earth's bowels and its own decaying parts, the fungus cannot be conceived of as a living organism separate from the nonliving black ooze.
Stamens included; filaments complanate, lilac toward the apex, the antepetalous ones adnate to the petals for 6-8 mm, the antesepalous ones free; anther base obtuse-sagittate, apex apiculate, apiculus nigrescent, dorsifixed above the base at 1/3 of its length; pollen globose, diporate, exine psillate; stigma conduplicate-spiral, ellipsoid-capitate, lilac-purple, margins crenulate-lacerate; ovary obconic, trigonous, 8-9 mm long, 6-7 mm in diameter at the apex, white, glabrous, bearing inconspicuous longitudinal sulcus; placentation apical; ovules shortly caudate; epigynous tube inconspicuous, ca.