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Variant of niqab.
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Elle est consciente que le nikab, le foulard, le khimar et le tchador ne font pas partie de notre culture.
Quant aux femmes qui portent le Nikab et les gants, elles aussi refusent parfois de les enlever pour verifier leur identite.
Syria has decided to ban full face veils (nikab) in universities after having banned it in schools, given the difficulty to deal with nikab-wearing women, the pan-Arab daily ASHARQ AL AWSAT reported Monday.
(2) For information on the niqab (or nikab), see generally Eli Sanders, Interpreting Veils: Meanings Have Changed with Politics, History, SEATTLE TIMES, Oct.
In our country the sub- continent never knew the kind of nikab or burqa that many Muslim women wear today.
Umm Hadi and her 27-year-old daughter Umm Abdullah, each wearing a nikab (a facial covering) were among the few passengers from Abu Dhabi ready to take off on the same flight.
She chooses a pretty, flowing pink one with a matching headscarf, but stops short of donning the more restrictive nikab.
The nikab, shown in black, is a veil in the true sense of the word.