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NIKAU IS a registered nurse in a cardiac intensive care unit.
A resident of Nikau village here, Sandeep was the district environment chief of the RSS.
Dugdale, moss & litter on Beech forest floor, XB2 (NZAC); 1[male], 1.8 km n Punakaiki, 80 m, 19-XII-1984-20-I-1985, hardwood forest with nikau, A.
Nikau (Rhopalostylis sapida, an endemic palm) dominates vegetation towards the valley floor, where petrel burrows are comparatively sparse.
He said: "Guys like Tawera Nikau, Dean Sampson and Tony Smith were my heroes.
the nikau palm, a tree which when fully grown, was sometimes called kaihuia .' [Birds of Aotearoa , M.R.
Dale's wife, Huia, is related to Maori royalty and is a cousin of former Kiwi international Tawera Nikau, while Greg has two brothers and a sister - Tumai, Shane and Summer-Jade.
The winners of the Airport Cup in 2008, Nathan Brown and Anina Bester, don't intend to let go of their titles without a fight, and spectators are in for a treat as many strong contenders, including last year's runner ups Stan Nikau and Anette Rego, put their skills to the test.
The Men's prizes were announced and presented by Captain Will Low to most improved player Stan Nikau.