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 (nĭl-pōt′nt, nĭl′pōt′nt)
An algebraic quantity that when raised to a certain power equals zero.

[nil + Latin potēns, potent-, having power; see potent.]

nil·po′ten·cy n.


(nɪlˈpəʊtənt) maths
(Mathematics) a quantity that equals zero when raised to a particular power
(Mathematics) equal to zero when raised to a particular power
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Adj.1.nilpotent - equal to zero when raised to a certain power
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In this survey we describe conjugacy classes, character tables, commutators, nilpotency and solvability for semisimple Hopf algebras.
The smallest such k is the index of the nilpotency.
Then [gamma] is a nilpotent ideal of R and we denote its nilpotency index by t.
n] we mean the number n - c, where c is the nilpotency class of G.
The index v of nilpotency of N is the index of the pencil [lambda]E - A.
Based on this representation and the nilpotency of the matrix [N.
1990]) that, for two or more dimensions, the problem of CA nilpotency is undecidable.
Huq, Commutator, nilpotency and solvability in categories, Q.
This estimate allowed constructing a counterexample for the Kurosh problem on the nilpotency of nil algebra and to the General Burnside problem on the existence of a finitely generated infinite group with all elements being torsion.
In this paper, we remove the c--supplement condition and replace the c-- normality assumption with s-- normality assumption for the some primary subgroups of G, We obtain a series of new results for the p-- nilpotency of finite groups.
One motivation for this work, among others, was the development of a "spectral" approach to Gromov's celebrated theorem on the virtual nilpotency of groups of polynomial growth [10] (see also [1, 7, 12, 13, 16]).
where nil denotes the nilpotency of an ideal, nil I := min {k: [I.