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 (nĭl-pōt′nt, nĭl′pōt′nt)
An algebraic quantity that when raised to a certain power equals zero.

[nil + Latin potēns, potent-, having power; see potent.]

nil·po′ten·cy n.
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(nɪlˈpəʊtənt) maths
(Mathematics) a quantity that equals zero when raised to a particular power
(Mathematics) equal to zero when raised to a particular power
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Adj.1.nilpotent - equal to zero when raised to a certain power
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Topics of the 27 papers include enveloping skewfields of the nilpotent positive part and Borel subsuperalgebra, good codes from metacyclic groups, generating characters on non-communtative Frobenius rings, U-rings generated by its idempotents, Panov's theorem for weak Hopf algebras, and a new approach to dualize retractable modules.
The fear from Nawaz Sharif's governance ability has gripped the government of nilpotent rulers, he observed.
2) Given the above, it is a nilpotent matrix [26], which indicates [there exists]n [member of] N such that [F.sup.n] = 0.
The cohomology rings of regular nilpotent Hessenberg varieties and Schubert polynomials ...
Stein, "Harmonic analysis on nilpotent groups and singular integrals I: Oscillatory integrals," Journal of Functional Analysis, vol.
Also, if A is nilpotent, then [A.sup.D] = 0; see [11-14] for more.
A continuous t-norm [dot encircle] is restrictedly distributive over a continuous t-conorm [direct sum] if and only if either [direct sum] = [[direct sum].sub.Z] (and & is arbitrary), or there exists a value a [member of] [0, 1], a strict t-norm [[direct sum].sub.*], and a nilpotent t-conorm [[direct sum].sub.*], such that the additive generator g of [[direct sum].sub.*] satisfying g(1) = 1 is also a multiplicative generator of [[dot encircle].sub.*], and [dot encircle] can be written as an ordinal sum as follows:
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These space-time directions, however, differ by nilpotent quantities.
where [mathematical expression not reproducible] are nonsingular, [??] is a nilpotent matrix and [??] is a Jordan block.
Let G be a connected, simply connected, nilpotent Lie group.