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 (nĭl-pōt′nt, nĭl′pōt′nt)
An algebraic quantity that when raised to a certain power equals zero.

[nil + Latin potēns, potent-, having power; see potent.]

nil·po′ten·cy n.


(nɪlˈpəʊtənt) maths
(Mathematics) a quantity that equals zero when raised to a particular power
(Mathematics) equal to zero when raised to a particular power
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Adj.1.nilpotent - equal to zero when raised to a certain power
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Let F be a field and let g be a nilpotent associative algebra over F.
of Sydney, Australia) provides an introduction to links; a reference to the invariants of abelian coverings of link exteriors; and an outline of recent work related to free coverings, nilpotent quotients, and concordance.
In higher dimensions, para-hyperhermitian structures on a class of compact quotients of 2-step nilpotent Lie groups can be found in [12].
where N is the nilpotent matrix associated with [lambda] in the above Jordan decomposition of A:
Among the topics discussed by the research articles are symplectic Heegaard splittings and linked abelian groups, differential characters and the Steenrod squares, relative weight filtrations on completions of mapping class groups, symplectic automorphism groups of nilpotent quotient of fundamental groups of surfaces, and new examples of elements in the kernel of the Magnus representation of the Torelli groups.
If A is not nilpotent, then the index of A is equal to the number of decompositions of the rank which is necessary to make with a view to find the reduction, this is p from (2.
This coordinated non-localized binary lattice space corresponds to nilpotent space.
Fifteen papers from the three workshops test perverse coherent sheaves on the nilpotent cone, prove the Kac-Wakimoto atypicality conject rue for a Lie superalgebra, locate non-trivial cohomology classes for finite groups of Lie type II, and derive a semi-simple series for q-Weyl and q-Sprecht modules.
Section 4 is dedicated to nilpotent Lie algebras and specially to filiform Lie algebras.
With examples, exercises and open problems he covers examples low degree, nilpotent and solvable groups as Galois groups over Q, Hilbert's irreducibility theorem, Galois extensions of Q(T), Galois extensions of Q(T) given by torsion on elliptic curves, Galois extensions of C(T), rigidity and rationality on finite groups, construction of Galois extensions of Q(T) by the rigidity methods, the quadratic form and its applications, and in an appendix, the large sieve inequality.
where the matrices W and T are nonsingular, J corresponds to the finite eigenvalues of [lambda]E - A and N being nilpotent corresponds to the eigenvalue at infinity.
Unipotent and nilpotent classes in simple algebraic groups and lie algebras.