nine iron

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Noun1.nine iron - an iron with considerable loftnine iron - an iron with considerable loft  
iron - a golf club that has a relatively narrow metal head
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Pickwick, the guide, having at length reached another gallery, led the way into a small passage at the extreme end, opened a door, and disclosed an apartment of an appearance by no means inviting, containing eight or nine iron bedsteads.
At 335ft high, it depicts nine iron atoms in the shape of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times and was built as the centrepiece for the Belgian capital's Expo 58 fair.
My putting was okay, but I still holed some good putts," said Heraty, whose second round was highlighted by an eagle on the par-5, 13th where he drilled a nine iron from 160 yards to within 10 feet.
It's a nine iron into the middle of the green and you stiff it.
Bookies are betting on the identity of Mario's next club with a nine iron leading the odds.
His big break came at the 16th when he hit a nine iron to five feet to set up a birdie and then followed that with another on the 17th to give himself breathing space playing the last.
I'm not sure yet," said Sullivan, who holed out with a nine iron on the 163-yard hole on his way to a closing 67.
Ron, who has been a member of West Midlands Golf Club since it opened and sank the hole-in-one with his trusty nine iron, said: "We were playing a competition on the par three course at Nailcote and on the fifth hole you can't see if the ball has gone in or not.
Standing on the 18th, he coolly put a nine iron over the water to 12 feet and rolled in the putt.
Seven handicapped Williams hit the ace at the par three fifth hole at Clays Golf Club, near Wrexham, using his nine iron.
The nine iron beads, which were found in a 5000-year-old Egyptian cemetery in 1911, were made from a meteorite that crashed to earth around 3200 BC, according to a study published in the Journal of Archaeological Science.
I think there's some holes where people that maybe aren't so straight with drivers are going to be hitting an iron off the tee and probably going in with five or six iron, but if you drive it well you are a nine iron or wedge.