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Any of several shrubs of the genus Physocarpus of the rose family, especially P. opulifolius of eastern North America, having peeling or shredding bark and clusters of small white flowers.

[From the many layers in its bark.]


(Plants) a North American deciduous shrub of the genus Physocarpus that has peeling bark and small white flowers
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Little Devil ninebark (Physocarpus opulifolius) makes a great substitute for Japanese barberry.
With Ted frozen on a solid point, I crashed through a thicket of autumn-orange ninebark brush tensely anticipating the thundering flush of a ruffed grouse.
A red 'Suminagashi' Japanese maple is at its left, while 'Diabolo' ninebark screens it on the right.
Recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts creative writing fellowship in poetry and twice named Georgia Author of the Year, Meek is a cofounding editor of Ninebark, director of the Georgia Poetry Circuit, and Dana Professor of English, Rhetoric and Writing at Berry College.
Saskatoon Serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia), Mallow-leaf Ninebark (Physocarpus malvaceus), and Rocky Mountain Maple (Acer glabrum).
Woods points out the evidence of their previous volunteer efforts: dogwood, alder and ninebark shrubs are planted along the banks.
The windows above my kitchen sink look out on trellised roses and clematis hanging above a ninebark bush on which the birds congregate.
Planted Caesalpiniaceae redbud 2300 Cornaceae silky dogwood 2000 Cornaceae flowering dogwood 2300 Cornaceae gray dogwood 2300 Cornaceae black gum 7000 Fagaceae white oak 20900 Fagaceae shingle oak 4600 Fagaceae bur oak 10000 Fagaceae swamp chestnut oak 4500 Fagaceae pin oak 10000 Hamamelidaceae sweetgum 20000 Juglandaceae pecan 10000 Juglandaceae black walnut 10000 Lauraceae spicebush 2300 Oleaceae green ash 10000 Plantanaceae sycamore 13000 Rosaceae Washington hawthorne 2300 Rosaceae ninebark 700 Rubiaceae buttonbush 1900 Total trees planted 136100
During the 2010 Royal Visit to Winnipeg, Queen Elizabeth II planted an Amber Jubilee Ninebark (Physocarpus opulifolius ']efam') in the garden adjacent to Government House.
sedges, excluding elk sedge Shrubs AMAL Amelanchier Serviceberry Palatable alnifolia PHMA Physocarpus Ninebark Low malvaceus RICE Ribes cereum Straw current Low VAME Vaccinium Big huckleberry Palatable membranaceum VASC Vaccinium scoparium Grouse whortleberry Unpalatable
fuchsia to orange, wine-colored and golden ninebark, barberry in golden
We planted beautiful native bird- and pollinator-friendly shrubs and perennials, such as bee balm, great blue lobelia, swamp milkweed, New England aster, blue flag iris, Joe Pye weed, Turk's cap lily, summersweet, ninebark, cranberry viburnum, elderberry and winterberry holly.