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Adj.1.ninepenny - used of nail size; 2 3/4 in or 7 cm long
sized - having a specified size
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"Bear in mind that the ninepenny loaf, if it was not subsidised by the Government at a cost of many millions to the nation, would be about a shilling," added the Observer.
Petyr's father became friends with Lord Hoster Tully of Riverrun while fighting together in the War of the Ninepenny Kings which led to Lord Tully later inviting PEtyr to come to Riverrun as a ward.
However, undeterred, regular visitors included the likes of Black Parrott Seaside, Ninepenny Marl and local favourites The Armpit Jug Band.
"My grandmother bought me a new dress from Books Fashion store in Sunderland ( white linen with red, white and blue trim around the pocket and ninepenny stockings.
We made our way to the nearby cinema and I bought two ninepenny tickets for the downstairs rear seats.
Gareth and Barbara Wyatt and Des Patalong are former members of the Warwickshire group Ninepenny Marl and Des is currently a member of Sharp as Razors.
Gareth and Barbara Wyatt and Des Patalong are former members of the celebrated Coventry group Ninepenny Marl and keep up a packed itinerary of local appearances following the release of their debut 17-track album Here's A Bumper.
Unaccompanied singing groups Ninepenny Marl and Pennyroyal make their first live appearance together on Thursday to sing a selection of festive songs and carols at The Nursery Tavern at Lord Street, Chapelfields.
Other guests include fourpart harmony singers Ninepenny Marl, singer, guitarist and former Mercia Folk broadcaster Norman Wheatley and Leamington singer and multi-instrumentalist Maggie Coleman.
The concert at the Maudsley Hotel, Allesley Old Road, Coventry, is organised by local singer and melodeon player Pete Grassby and also features blues guitarist and songwriter Mick Stuart, ragtime guitar wizard Dave Bennett and unaccompanied harmony quartet Ninepenny Marl.