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Adj.1.ninety-four - being four more than ninetyninety-four - being four more than ninety    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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For the nine hundred and ninety-four to express dis- satisfaction with the regnant system and propose to change it, would have made the whole six shudder as one man, it would have been so disloyal, so dishonor- able, such putrid black treason.
The Cathlamets lived opposite to the lower village of the Wahkiacums, and numbered ninety-four warriors.
There is that delicate blossom who can't drink any claret under ninety-four, and who would as soon think of dining off cat's meat as off plain roast mutton.
"--and seven makes a hundred and ninety-four, which is sixteen and two-pence," the Sub-Warden replied.
Peculiarly rich in the coleoptera and in the lepidoptera, forty-six new species of the one and ninety-four of the other had been secured in the course of a few weeks.
"There isn't but three - no - two ninety-four or five quintal more by my reckoning."
Ninety-four percent of participants placed remained stably housed after ending the program.
Ninety-four of them are related to the petrochemical sector, 322 - to the conformity assessment, 148 - to the industrial sector, 22 - to the service sector, 249 - to the agriculture and food sector, and 107 standards are related to the construction sector.
Oil and Gas Exploration and Production companies drilled over one hundred and seventy-nine exploratory and one hundred and ninety-four appraisal wells resulting in one hundred and one new discoveries during the past four years, which is eighty percent higher than the finds made during the same period of the previous government.
ISLAMABAD -- Ministry of Religious Affairs has hired one hundred and ninety-four buildings in Makkah for accommodation of one hundred, seven thousand, five hundred and twenty-six pilgrims under the government scheme.
by ONA Ninety-four per cent of Omanis use personal vehicles to reach their destinations; 57 per cent as drivers and 37 per cent as passengers.
* Ninety-four percent of world-class sales performers align sales and marketing to what the customer wants and needs, compared to 39 percent of all respondents.